Travel Tips

How To Move Around West Africa – For West Africans

The idea of traveling across West Africa may not be something many people who want to leave the shores of Africa may desire to do. If you have wanderlust, a passion for discovering some of the carefully hidden exotic places in West Africa, relax at alluring and mystic places with strange names, there is no better place of doing them than taking a road trip across the western part of Africa.  From the darkest caves to sunny shores, you are in for surprises as you make this trip. Here are some of the things you may want to know before stepping out of your home for this adventurous trip.

The Different Time Zones

Many travelers will be shocked that West Africa does not operate the same time zone. If you are traveling from Nigeria to Ghana, there is a difference of an hour.  Wakawaka recommends that you understand the different time zones of the countries you are visiting so that you will not have issues with time.  Time zone can affect some people, and if your body clock is affected by this difference, you should keep remedy to help you cope.

Yellow Fever Card

Do not think that you will freely enter another country without thorough checking by immigration officers. You will either love your country’s immigration officers or loathe them when you have a bad treatment from another country’s immigration.  One document you cannot do without is your Yellow fever card. Some countries take it seriously, and also do not leave your country’s passport behind. The ECOWAS community that the countries in West Africa are members of  has not stopped them from being strict in their immigration policies.

The Convince Time

Some road trip may take a whole day, unlike flights that take few hours. One of the things that will disturb you may be toilet time or a full bladder. Most of the travelers are not comfortable with public toilets, and they opt out for the bushes.


Currency Change

It is better to change the currencies of the countries you are visiting before traveling.  The challenge of struggling to get money for some of your basic needs is curbed while getting cheated during currency change is avoided. Some people would recommend that travelers on road trip make their currency changes at the border. But doing that may be expensive compared to what is obtainable in your country. Also, you may do not want to be stranded because you were unable to change your currency on the road.

Borders Are Not What You Think

There are some countries’ borders in West Africa that you must cross by foot.  You need to travel with comfortable shoes and clothes to give you the freedom you desire while moving from one country to another.  However, it is not only the borders that will bridge your travel, and there are many moments you must step out of the bus to eat, stretch your body and take a fresh breath.  Do not forget that some borders can be a long trek.

Offline Mode

Most of the times, you will be in offline mode because of poor network reception. However, your mobile device is perfect for taking pictures, and when there is a network on your mobile, you can post pictures and instant videos on the social media. You may not be able to do this if you are on tight budget. The roaming rates of some mobile providers can be outrageous. The easiest way to save money is to buy each country’s sim card as you travel across their roads.