How To Make Money Exporting Local products From Africa

Africa is blessed with both human and mineral resources. We may not always make money importing products in Africa. We can make good use of the local products and export to other countries.  Every year, billions of dollars are spent importing different things and that is a huge lump of money leaving Africa.

We can change this trend by exporting things. The question many investors will ask- What can we export to other countries? It is a common knowledge that crude oil, timber, cocoa and some minerals are exported outside the continent.

There are many local products that we often overlook but these products can make you a global game changer in the exporting business.  We have seen some smart entrepreneurs make a lot of money from some of these products.

Shea Butter

Some of us call it Nilotica, which is a rare Shea butter used in manufacturing some luxury beauty products. However, the trees that manufacture the Shea butter can be found in Ethiopia, South Sudan, Uganda and Nile River.

The story of Nilotica cannot be overemphasized with entrepreneurs like Leila Janah, an American building her luxury brand with it. We can see some of these skincare products sold around the world and even back in Africa to be very expensive.


Fonio is another example of a local product we can export. It is a forgotten cereal that is called the miracle grain. Fonio is rich in several nutrients and gluten-free, and better than barley, wheat and rice. A processed fonio can produce products like pasta, cereals and crackers. You can use it in preparing rare dishes that can be sold around the world. Imagine what you can gain when you export this cereal.

Aside these two products, there are many products you can export from any part of Africa. What you need to know is the benefits of each product and a good marketing strategy before you can embark on such business. However, you should know that there are rules exporting products outside each country. Before you can make a move, ensure that what you are exporting is not illegal or prohibited in your country and country you are sending your product to.