How to Make Delicious Zobo Drink

The first time you taste Zobo drink, you may not know what hit you. The taste is from another world and the feeling is refreshing. The drink is produced from sorrel or dried roselle leaves, often called Hibiscus Sabdariffa.

The red colour of the drink will attract you and when you take a cool cup of it, you are turning to Oliver Twist. There are many benefits of drinking Zobo like reducing the cholesterol, regulation of blood pressure, calming the nerves, strengthening the blood vessels, for weight loss, reducing stress and improving libido.

Pregnant ladies in their first trimester shouldn’t take it because it may induce menstruation and cause miscarriage
Zobo is affordable and tasty if you don’t know its taste.

There are different recipes of making your Zobo drink and the concentration of the drink depends on the artificial flavours and water you use. Nutri C and sugar can be used as sweeteners.


Zobo drink can be taken with a lot of flavours. Interestingly, Nigerians have made this drink to be desirable. There is hardly a big event that Zobo doesn’t make a grand entry.

Even if you have never tasted this drink before, the first taste makes you a believer of the drink.

We have listed how you can make this drink in your home.


  1. 2 stumps fresh ginger
    1 big ripe pineapple
    2 (De Rica) cups of dry zobo leaves
    2 tablespoons of cloves (konafuru)
    Slices of citrus fruits of such as: orange, lemon, lime or your preferred to garnish it.

Before Preparation:

  • Pick the Zobo leaves from its cold water and rinse out the dust.
    The cloves should be grinded into powdery form.
    You should wash your ginger before peel the skin and blend roughly.
    Wash the pineapple, peel and cut into thin slices.

How to make Zobo drink

  • Get a pot, put the already washed leaves then pour enough water to cover it.
    Make use of medium heat before you allow to boil for some minutes
    The next step is adding the garlic and the ginger. You should add more water before you boil for 30 minutes at most. By this time, the leaves have cooled.
    Turn off the gas heat before you bring it down.
    The pineapples should be blended.
    You can sieve out the leaves with a chiffon cloth. This makes the drink smoother.
    The next step is simple, gather the artificial flavours and set everything in order. The Zobo is good to go. Bottle it and refrigerate. You can serve it with ice fruits.