How to Maintain Your Wig

How to Maintain Your Wig

In our world today, we have seen an increase in the use of wigs for many reasons. Gone are the days when only a few people use wigs for their outings. Today, we don’t use wigs for covering our hair alone, but to show prestige and beauty.

However, many of us do not know how to take care of our wigs. While exploring several wig options, bear in mind that wigs require special hair care and styling products to keep them flawless.

How to Maintain Your Wig

Wig Care Products

Just like your actual hair, you need to take appropriate care of your wigs by implementing a regular wig maintenance routine as well as only using products specifically formulated for them.

You should avoid using products unless they are specifically intended for use with wig hair. Be sure to implement a regular wig maintenance routine so that your wig lasts a long time and so that you always look your best.

Wig Shampoo and Wig Conditioner.

Wigs should always be treated with shampoos and conditioners customized specifically for them. Unfortunately, a common mistake many new wig owners make is assuming that regular shampoo or cleansing products can be used on their wigs.

Ensure you check the ingredients used for your wig conditioning products to make sure they are totally free of toxic parabens.

Also, consider getting complete wig care kits for wigs you intend to style often or travel with to ensure that all your products complement each other to give you the best result.

Wig Brushes and Wig Combs

Using the wrong products for styling can be detrimental to your wig. Ensure you place your wig on a wig stand before brushing, and always use a wide-tooth comb specifically designed for brushing wigs. A wire wig brush may be used as an alternative. However, you must never use a regular hair brush for your wigs.

How to Maintain Your Wig

Your wigs should be gently brushed to avoid pulling the fibers out. For short hairstyle wigs, you can run your fingers through them to keep the hairs in their place. For wigs of medium length, you should start brushing from the bottom before gradually moving up and for long wigs, do not use too much force while brushing or styling them to avoid tangling or ripping off the hairs.

Since we love styling our wigs, we should take it to experts to help us. You can visit a local salon to ensure that you have a professional touch on your wig.  Do not forget that cutting your wig may leave it so forever.

Therefore, you should take care in handling it. We have many hair vendors who can give your hair a new outlook as well.  The spray you use on your wig matters a lot. Hence, you have to ensure that the product does not make it greasy or tangle it.

Finally, heat may not do your wig well. You should not use heat on your wig as a straightener.  Before you use heat, make sure that you read the instructions associated with your wig.