How To Maintain Your Wig Like a Pro

There is hardly a place you visit where you wouldn’t notice ladies rocking wigs of all shapes, sizes, and designs.

A woman’s hair makes her beautiful and she has to take good care of it. It is even a common belief that the personality of a woman is revealed by her hair. However, we may be busy taking care of our hair that we consider using wigs.

In this article, we are going to give them the necessary tips on how to take good care of their wig.

Do not use a small comb while detangling.

If you want to wear your wig, spray water on it, and not oil. Comb it properly with a wide-tooth comb. The narrow-tooth comb will get the wig entangled and damaged. Comb it from bottom to top the same way you comb your natural hair, and comb it in small sections.

Use special shampoo, conditioner, and wig comb.

Find out the shampoo that is best for the wig. The chemical content of ordinary shampoos and conditioners may not be good on the wig and may get damaged. Remember wigs are not washed the same way hair on a human head is washed.

You have to soak the wig in water with shampoo, comb it with a wide-tooth comb, rinse with warm water, comb until it gets straight, then hang it to dry.

Take it to a professional.

If you want the wig styled, take it to a professional. Many hair salons are skilled in wig styling. You can get the wig damaged by some things you may do in error.

 Wash your hair…but not too often.

If you do not want your wig to wear out soon, do not wash it often. If you have many wigs, wear them in rotation to have them washed at long intervals, but if you have only one wig, wash it between some days.

Wear your wig less often

Do not wear the same wig every day to avoid its colour fading and losing its beauty. If you must wear a wig every day you have to buy many so that you can wear them in turn.

Your hair is important too.

You have to maintain your hair, keep it clean, and dry and keep it in good condition. Regular wearing of a wig is not the reason you should leave your hair dirty. Before you wear your wig, braid your hair so it will not show while you are wearing the wig.

Never sleep or shower with it.

Do not take your breath with your wig on, and do not move under heavy rain while wearing it on your head. Do not go to bed wearing your wig, to avoid it getting tangled.

Finally, invest in good wigs if you want to look great in wigs. You should do your research on a wig vendor before you make your choice. Some vendors may sell fake wigs in place of good wigs.

Therefore, read customer reviews or buy from vendors with an online presence to help you read comments on their pages to confirm the authenticity of their products.