How to Impress Your Future In-Laws The First Time With Your Attire

Old etiquette: Dress to show how lady like you are. A conservative twinset and a skirt should do the trick.

New etiquette: Could be risky. Dress true to your personality.

What to wear

As suggested by Fashion stylist Joseph Williamsom, wear an outfit that makes you feel great about yourself. This was backed up by fashion consultant Lauren A. Rothman in her statement below. First impressions are made once and should be considered seriously.

Our first dates can be overwhelming and exciting. There is so much to think of, the venue, the communication and what to wear. The latter is what can take your time. You may get exhausted when you are planning on what to wear.

Fashion consultant lauren A. Rothman also gives us a tip on how to make a long lasting impression. In her statement, she advises that we shouldn’t wear anything too tight or too short and we should also avoid trying too many trends at once. She goes further to tell us a suitable choice for a first date–a feminine outfit that leaves more to the imagination like a wrap dress.

For a school event, the perfect outfit would be a cashmere wrap or trousers with a shirt and jacket. For a meeting with in-laws, your partner is an important key in determining what you should wear.


There is nothing wrong in finding clues about just how formal or informal his family is.

As etiquette authority Lizzie Post says, definitely find out their expectations and how they like to dress.

“My boyfriend’s parents were perfectly happy to meet me in jeans and a tee, but others might be more traditional.”She also says. In Africa, there are a lot of expectations from us, ladies.

We are expected to appear decent and good. You can be decent and yet, terrible in appearance. This is the reason why you should make sure you dress not only to impress but to be careful not to overdress.

The spotlight is on you because the man has little to worry about. Even with a shirt and  jeans he is good to go.  Before you can think of picking your attire, ask questions about your in-laws, their belief and what they are comfortable with. If they are not the trousers lovers, it is best you put something else. We believe that some of these designs we have posted will impress and inspire you.