How to handle bromodosis: smelly feet

Have you been in a room where a fellow removed his shoes and there was an offensive hit on your nostrils? Bromodosis, or smelly feet, is a medical condition that causes the feet to smell. The condition is caused by a buildup of sweat. When this happens, it causes bacteria to grow on the skin and cause bad odours. Athlete’s feet, which are caused by fungal infection can lead to smelly feet too.

We notice this condition mostly among men, especially those who wear shoes for a long time. The good news is that this condition is inexpensive, easy, and quick to treat. Hey ladies, how do you feel if your partner has this medical condition?

How do we treat bromodosis? If you have someone suffering from this condition, you can help the person by recommending the following tips

The feet should be kept clean and neat

You should make use of a scrub brush and soap to wash the feet daily. 

You can do it once a day or more, depending on your lifestyle. You should do this in the morning or evening while taking your bath. Dry the feet after washing them. The areas between the toes should be carefully attended to when washing the feet.

Clip the toenails: You should clip your toenails to make them short often. They have to be neat. 

Take off the hard, dead skin: Remove the dead skin from your feet. When hard skin is wet for a long time, it creates an avenue for bacteria to grow.

Change your socks: You should change your socks daily, especially if you exercise, live in a hot environment, or experiences sweaty feet.

 Have at least two parts of shoes: You should alternate wearing your shoes if you want to avoid smelly feet. When you wear shoes on separate days, it helps them to dry out moisture or sweat. Many people take off their shoes’ insoles when they dry them.

Select socks that absorb moisture: We have socks that can absorb moisture and the ones that keep moisture on your feet. 

Some of the socks that absorb moisture or sweat include thick, soft socks or sports socks

Use open-toed sandals during warm weather: During warm weather, opt for open-toed sandals or wear shoes that can breathe. That allows your feet to stay dry.

Do not wear tight shoes: You should stay away from shoes that retain moisture or tight on you.

Rub alcohol to your feet: Before you sleep, use a cotton ball and apply alcohol, before rubbing the cotton to your feet. Alcohol helps your feet to stay dry. However, do not apply this on cracks.

Make use of an anti-fungal foot spray: You can make use of medicated foot powder or anti-fungal foot spray.

Use medicated deodorants: Make use of deodorant spray or antiperspirant on your feet. Insert your medicated deodorant insoles into your shoes.

These tips can help you cure your smelly feet.