How to Get That Beautiful Eyes Glitter

They say men are drawn towards eyes. The eyes are one of our greatest assets and should be used for maximum benefit. As ladies down the ages have known, eye make-up is very important and should not be neglected. Eyes are also important as without them, life would have very little meaning.

With the festive season around us, we should learn to utilize them for maximum benefit. Eye makeup with a hint of glitter will add a lot of oomph to your face. However, overuse of glitter will lead to exaggerated eyes, which we want to avoid at all costs. And eye glitter with sequins or a dress covered in embellishment will make you look like a drag queen.

But combine it with the Little Black one you have been saving for a special occasion or even with a pair of leather pants and a silk cami, and you will look too gorgeous to be true. In fact, eye glitter is suitable for all occasions and matches with all dresses and the best of it, it is also suitable for all eye and face types.

So, how does one go about applying the perfect shade of the glitter?

The first step is choosing the eye glitter that matches you and your character.  Spend a little extra time at the eye counters as glitter is available in several shades. MAC has an assortment of glitter pots or pigment pots. Barry M has a range to suit all pockets; in fact, I started from here when I started experimenting with make-up. But do not forget to take a look at the range available at Urban Decay or Illamasqua. Both offer a wide range that is long lasting. This quality is also very important as the glitter has to last for the whole evening and should last as long as the make-up.

Of course, the glitter has to match your appearance as well as your make up for the day.  An eye shadow primer has to be used to prepare the eyes, the primer also makes sure that the makeup does not crease and lasts longer.

And if the glitter is used to brighten a smokey eye, remember to start with a base color first. The glitter is used last. Don’t use the glitter all at once but build on it layer by layer. It is always easier to apply an extra coat but very difficult to remove an overdone one. There has to be that perfect use of glitter, if you overdo this part, you will appear as overly made up.

Glitter or pigment pot should also be used on a clean skin. Apply these before putting on any make up, in fact even before applying foundation or concealer. This will make it easier to clean up if the experiment turns out to be a mess. Even very experienced hands make mistakes with glitter.

To avoid having glitter all over your face, use a cream eye-shadow underneath the glitter. This will give the glitter something to hold on and it will not spread all across your face.