How to Create Role Models that Work for You in Africa.

As the business world becomes more complex and global, diversity in African workplaces has also increased.  The question on the lips of most employees is; ‘How do I create roles models that can work for me?  The corporate culture is no longer emphasizing on an individual; role models are sought after at workplaces.

It is vital to create composites of African employees who can represent models that are consistent and aligned with the identity of leadership if you are a top-performing employee. It is essential that you build the role model that will work for you. The fact that this may not be an easy feat does not mean that it is not possible. Identifying the best qualities from different persons is practical. When you locate a worker who can connect easily with others and have a vast network, you can make it a duty to learn from such a person.

The simple way to make role models work efficiently for you is when you ask questions. You need to look at the works of those who are doing well in your company and locate the traits you admire most.

You can see success without giving up who you are when you have designed a perfect role model for your career.  The first thing that you need to do is to build a list of role models and describe the things you admire about the persons you chose and the reason for your choice. Learning from a more experienced person can be a better option than reading many books or attending countless of career classes.

The goal of creating role models is to understand what they do, the attitude towards word and their feelings as much as you can. An easy way to learn your model mindsets is to start collecting images, articles, videos, articles, and any other thing you can find about their personalities.

Take, for instance, if a musician is your model, you will have to listen and digest every lyrics and movement as much as you can from the music.  What you are expected to do is to learn every move the person makes without losing yourself.

There are exercises you can carry out like identifying situations that are not favorable to you.  Think of people who can handle such situations better and imagine how these people could have handled your cases.

If you have to make a difference in your career positively, you should start thinking of creating the solutions the way your models can do that. You can connect easily with them and ask them questions. Try to understand what makes them tick, weak and inspired in their careers, and customize your model according to your workplace. Whether you are a male or female, creating models has nothing to do with gender because anyone can be your role model. The end product would refine you and make you possess the ability to multitask and skilled in working efficiently.