How Coronvirus Has Changed Our Careers Overnight

The name coronovirus is no longer a strange word to us. There was an era when this virus was literally non-existence in our lives except for medical personnel and scientists who were learning about it.

Unfortunately, we have been besieged by this deadly virus and the world is no longer the same. Many have lost their loved ones, jobs, financial security and freedom of movement. The effect of this global pandemic will have a serious impact on us for a long time.

The lasting effect will change the way we do things as companies, workers and sectors may suffer undue disadvantage. This doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t be winners at the end of the pandemic.   While many will be counting their losses, many will be smiling to the bank. Some of us may lose our jobs or have game-changer in our careers. Sadly, many companies and industries will be burnt out leaving millions jobless.

If you have not found it fun working from home, this pandemic will have to change your perspective about work. Some of the works we do in the offices are not necessary.  Smart companies will resort to online to minimize cost and effect positive changes in results orientation.  Today, we have realized that there are some jobs or careers who abhorred that are life changers.  Many of us will think out of the box when it comes to our careers after this time.

For those of us who must have ignored or neglected our loved ones over jobs, we will have to understand that at the end of the day, they are our lifeline. Many of us have taken agriculture as a lesser career has seen how lucrative it has become. The farmers are having the field day. In many parts of our cities, there are hikes in the prices of edible foods.  We may argue and argue over what has brought this increase.

However, the reality is that these people who chose agriculture over white collar jobs have become the kings.  It isn’t only agriculture that is reaping off from this pandemic, health is the most important. We all want to stay healthy and the gods among us are working in the health sectors.  Many of us will have a rethink on what we want to do after this sad moment of our lives. While the earth slowly heals from pollution, excessive movements and noise, you can take out time and think of your career. We are not saying that what you are doing is not awesome but if you are not comfortable with where you are, it is time to change your career. It may not be easy but believe us, time will make it better for you. Don’ forget, stay safe for us.

Coronavirus will surely have its stay ended but it will leave with loads of causalities in our job industry. Now is the time to learn new things and explore new ideas. You can never