How African Designers Are Redefining Fashion from the Grip of the Western Brands

Names like Valentino have been in existence long before many of us were born. These western brands have defined the way fashion trends around the world. Not any longer for African fashion. With the number of multi-talented local designers creating and redefining the way we see fashion.

They have been able to fuse culture and fashion without doing a lot of works. Global fashion markets are turning to African designers for inspiration on some of their red carpets and special events.

Over the years, our tropical landscapes accompanied with exotic flowers, fruits, and lush green forests have been courted by designers in their creation. Our animal prints to the traditional patterns influenced by our continent have become the trending fabrics.

For many years a lot of countries have depended on second hand outfits from abroad to help its populace dress affordably. However, things are gradually changing; many of our local designers are creating their collections from locally made fabrics. The challenge of branding in Africa is no longer a factor as we have better understanding and enough resources. Since we started substituting the foreign raw materials with our local products, the cost of clothing has come down.

If there is something that the local designers have corrected in the world, it is cultural appropriation that often becomes offensive. Since we are able to create our fashion signatures locally, we have started using our people for fashion weeks. Our models are no longer neglected in international fashion shows because we have many local designers who show up with African models.

Today, African provides opportunities for both designers and fashionistas. Fashion globetrotters are heading to Africa to find inspiration for their works. We celebrate our beauty and creativity with our native fabrics. There is no part of Africa that has not made its fashion imprint on us.




Rethree ankara styles
From Ghana to Morocco, Nigeria to Niger and other African countries, there have been influxes of designers who are creating extraordinary pieces. There was a country called fashion that hardly allowed rich designers to compete favourably with influential brands.



C weAnkara style
Everything about this fashion country has changed as Africans take a leap of faith in showcasing our pride to the rest of the world. We have made fashion look better with our local fabrics. Take for instance; our Ankara has been worn in different parts of the world.

Thanks to our local designers who come out with designs that are lovable. There is no fabric that we have not used in creating bespoke outfits. Interestingly, we do this at an affordable rate compared to what we get when we buy clothing abroad.

One place you will see what has happened to our fashion-sphere is where you look at special events and red carpet shows. The number of clothing that make the difference are from our local designers.