How 5G Technology Sparked Health Widespread Panic

Millions of Africans are still trying to get used to the 3G technology as many embrace the 4G. The emergence of 5G seems like an alien that has lost its bearing in the continent because millions don’t know what we are talking about.

With the conspiracy theory about Covid 19 and radiation, everyone is jumping onboard to ask that the latest network technology should be discontinued.  The clamour to shut down the 5G towers has been amplified by popular petitions and celebrities.

5G is a wireless communication that supports mobile data networks adopted in 2019. The speed of this technology is simply out of this world.  Samsung Galaxy S20 is the first ever gadget to embrace this technology.

This next generation technology is one of the few inventions that have met road blocks in recent years.  Some petitions have reached over a 100,000 signatures to block it in different countries. FBI is among the many agencies fighting it because of its associated risks. The health risk of the technology is alleged to from coronavirus to cancer. According to Delroy Chin, the radiation that is emitted from the tower reduces atmospheric oxygen and affects the normal functioning of the body.


Chin said that the human body made up of 85% water and the radiation from the technology will rapidly amplify the breakdown of the natural biological system that will result in serious health issues. Also the symptoms of this radiation will include coronavirus-like symptoms like pneumonia, flu-like symptoms (headache, fever, rise in temperature), and respiratory issues.





The panic and rumours have been put to rest by numerous scientists who have different views about this fifth-generation wireless technology. These people said that like other cellular communication systems and 4G, the 5G makes use of an electromagnetic waveform that releases non-ionising radiations. With Covid 19 menace ravaging the world, 5G technology may not have its field day. A lot of disinformation has been passed around the world and it will take a lot of assurance to put this technology to popular use.


On the website of The World Health Organisation (WHO), it says that “a large number of studies have been performed over the last two decades to assess whether mobile phones pose a potential health risk. To date, no adverse health effects have been established as being caused by mobile phone use.

We can tell you that 5G is not the only Covid-19 related conspiracy. Earlier in March, 2020, there was another gained traction that cocaine could curb the virus menace in France. The French government had to issue a statement that this was false. It stated that cocaine is an addictive drug that affects its users with harmful and adverse effects.

WHO has described the spread of false information across the social media as infodemic. The organization launched an internet based tool that verifies information about the menace of the pandemic.