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Healthy Habits You Need to Stay Fit as A Fashionista

If you are a lady who wants to be fit and healthy, there are habits you should cultivate. Healthy habits can be difficult if you are not disciplined to obey them. We have gone out of our ways to list some of the habits that will help you live your life to its fullness.

The 365 Days Sunscreen

Most of us are not comfortable putting on sunshades because of where we work, the lifestyle we live or even what we think of others. However, sunscreen is something that no one may necessary be aware of when you begin.  To protect you from the UV rays, you need to take care of your skin by using a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or more.

Stay Hydrated

In every possible way, make sure that you are hydrated. When you lack water, your skin suffers and also, you can suffer from some health conditions. Stay healthy and beautiful when you take more fluids, and make use of cleansing, anti-aging and moisturizing products.

Stay Away From Direct Heat Exposure

Africans are blessed with a tropical climate and this means we are used to very hot weather condition. However, our skin may not be merciful to us when the sun affects it.  You should learn to protect yourself from excessive heat or sunshine.


It is interesting how we lose millions of skin cells every day and we are not aware of these changes. To help our skin, we can exfoliate every week to clean off the dirt.  Look for a product with a pH neutral.  The whole of the skin is required to be exfoliated.

Vitamins are Not Enough

Vitamins are not enough! You need a balanced diet too.  Ladies, there are antioxidants that will help in nourishing you and your skin. When you eat well and rightly, the skin is able to repair itself.

Clean the Makeup Brush

You have to save yourself from clogged pores and infection by cleaning your makeup brushes. This routine is very important and should be able to help you stay without suffering from skin infection.  You make use of a mild shampoo in cleaning the brushes.

Know What to Use as Sunscreen

For you to prevent sun damage, there are many things you need to consider from the SPF makeup, broad-brimmed hats and sunglasses. You should be able to tell the right option for you.

Easy Skincare Routine

Do not think of a complex skincare routine that will be difficult for you to follow. Look for routines that are effective and very simple to follow. When you are comfortable with the skincare routine, it is easier for you to carry it out.

You Need Good Sleep

You cannot have that amazing skin or healthcare if you deprive yourself of a good sleep.  You may enjoy eight hours of sleep and still not get the perfect skin. With a silk pillowcase, you can easily prevent wrinkles and creasing. When you use a pillowcase that is harsh on the skin, it may affect your skin.