Great Places To Eat In Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

No single culture or flavor can define Ethiopia. Ethiopia is made of several cultures and its cuisine is what defines the country.  From the best pizzas you  can get to the modern cuisine that has a blend of the traditional cuisine, the country has all that you require.  Addis Ababa offers visitors what is called an adventurous gastronomer.  Your visit to Ethiopia is not complete without trying the range of culinary options that are presented to you. Sure! Your stomach will surely have a healthy intake.

Kategna Restaurant

Immediately you walk into Kategna,you are harassed by the delicious aroma of roasting coffee done in the native way.  Take a seat and wait to be served the Ethiopia way.  The inhere bread, the spicy smell of berbere and the local fare makes your visit to this place great.  We recommend a plate of kifto. Kifto is the local version of steak tartare.  When you taste this meal, you will understand that Kategna deserves the first stop on or list.


Oda Cultural Restaurant and Cafe

Oda Cultural Restaurant and Café is beautifully tucked inside the Oromo Cultural Center . The Oromo cuisine is showcased and visitors have the opportunity of tasting  meals like injera. Injera is created from beso, spiced butter and black teff. If your stomach can still carry more, order for buna qalaa- coffe beans that Is roasted in butter.

Zola Café and Restaurant

Don’t look for the local meals in Zola because it is famously known for its traditional Italian fare that has a blend of Ethiopia.  You will eat pizza and paste that is made with spice found in the country.  Are you tired of eating the local wats and shiro? Zola may be the perfect place for you to visit.

Turacao Two

Eat at an affordable rate at Turacao Two,that is always open for those who want  breakfast or  lunch. You will love its selection, from special tibs , and lamb, kidney, to cottlet and fish firfir.  You will eat to your full without emptying your purse.

Effoi Pizza

Ethiopia may not be the best makers of pizza but Effoi Pizza is definitely a place to be if you love pizza.  The art of making pizza is taking to another level starting with the way they begin with a thin crust, and the addition of real mozzeralla, tomato sauce and baked to perfection.  Effoi Pizza rivals the ones you may find in Paris, New Jersey or New York.  You will  have to wait for your pizza because this is among the  most famous hang outs in the country.

While you move from one eatery to another in Addis Ababa, the capital city of Ethiopia , you will have lots to eat and drink. To be on a safe side if it is your first time of visiting, you will have to rely on information. Even if you don’t know what to buy or eat, there are lots of information online to help you make your decision.