How To Get Business Loans As A Starter in Africa

Money has always been the issue when starting a business around the world. Africa is not exempted in  this plight, however, there is a solution to it. Some fund providers have made it possible for sole proprietors and entrepreneurs to move to the next level with funds. These are some of the companies that can help you startup your business.



This firm moves funds and technical expertise from Netherland to empower business personnel’s   in the media division, minor and major size African media firms. This establishment renders help in various ways such as financial and business enhancement aid, combination of understanding and skill to provide verified enterprise idea and management.

AMVF financial deal is from $20,000 to $200,000, their shareholders are experts in media establishment having a zeal for African’s, who are concerned in administration and collection of firms in the course of contact and panel association.

Their effort are channeled towards enterprise that are energetic in the media and news division , using portable or internet software to offer pleased tune-up   to patrons or enterprises. They aim at tour and vacation, amusement, jobs, guardian, cars, authentic assets, fare and trading. The establishment to be funded should be situated in Sub-Sahara Africa countries like Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania or Ghana.


This is a personal prepared entrepreneurial finance  firm geared towards food   and agricultural enterprise in the Sub Sahara Africa. It was established in 2008, and has put in about $100 million in Africa’s food and agricultural firm division. Their establishment in Africa are as follows ;  Dew Crisp in South Africa, Africa juice in Ethiopia, Fairfield Dairy in South Africa, New forest Firm in Tanzania, Hygrotech in South Africa, Kariki Group in Kenya and Vida Oil in Mozambique.

This firms major   aims centers  on food and beverages . Preferable food are packaged and prepared food, protein products consist of poultry, aquaculture and beef. Valued added goods consist of   yoghurt, desserts, cultured milk; fitness and wellness goods;   forestry and timber goods. Their agricultural participation consist of grains Bio-friendly manure, pesticide, food  logistics ; cold chain, warehousing, distribution and renewable  power.


This is an assistance organization integrated in 2001 with starting finance from Rockefeller foundation, Cisco System Foundation and three personalities humanitarians .This firm empowers investors that has the ability to  prefer ideas to major issues.

During the year 2014, the establishment put  in about $1.5 million in Ekoko network limited ,which is a Ghanaian enterprise of technology , this is a link that brings is contact African farmer and it is done using a mobile set. In the year 2014 they also confirmed that a $1.4 million input on solar,  As a firm that trades solar used in houses in   a particular country named Uganda.

This establishment centered their interest  in  searching  for investors that latest  skill for investigating lack and can  convene their requirements. Their qualification for   entrepreneurs must be situated in or cover vital activities or influence in East Africa  countries like India, Pakistan or Latin America.


It was established in the year 1987 by the management and entrepreneurs of the trending world development trust organization, public Atlantic etc. This establishment has trained about 600 public investors  operating in sixty nation, having about $36 million in creation of their firm with  modified with  tune-up contact to world network.

This  group of   advanced investors  has gone ahead to create solution and as a result of this activities,   we have  advanced public investors spread across the globe. This firm is aimed at backing public investors with success initiative and solutions to check strong and well enhanced challenges of the world.