Funny Things First Time Travellers Do Before Leaving Africa

Travelling out of the country to a more developed country is an exciting experience, From time to time we see friends and relatives who are about leaving Africa for the first time to some developed countries around the world. The truth is if their hearts could be read those last moments you spent with them, they turn out to be  unforgettable and exciting memories especially for the travellers.

Here are some of the funny behaviors we enlisted:

Keeping It A Big Secret From The Public
Because of the way Africans believe when it comes to witches,  people are always care of leaking travelling news. The information about the person and his travelling is hidden until the last minute when the family believe that no evil can come against the person , which means nothing can stop them from leaving the country. Mostly outsiders left in a blind spot until the person has called them from the country they visited.
Becomes A Close Friend To The Calendar
The person travelling becomes very excited and fun to be with but at the same time,  prays that the day of departure arrives fast. Most nights, sleeping become a problem and they are lost in a world of fantasy dreaming about the country and the beautiful things that are waiting for them to explore.
The Pastors Render Special Prayers
Travellers go for special prayers in order to stop the evil which meant come from assumed witches not to follow them to their destination.  Some of the travellers go a little spiritual and very holy to ensure that there is no hindrance in their movement. Thanksgiving is done with family and friends who comes to rejoice with the person for getting a visa.
Friends and Family Pictures It’s Been Taken

The traveller is now fond of taking a lot of pictures with friends and loved ones as if the person isn’t coming back to the country again .  These pictures become a memorial  for the traveller and the persons they took the pictures with.
 Everybody Wants Something from the Traveller
Everybody makes a list of what they want from the traveler, who is expected to send down the expensive items to Africa after few weeks.  Some of these lists are crazy ranging from gadgets to clothing. Unfortunately, the traveller accepts to fulfill all the promises that may never be fulfilled.


Eating All Local Delicacies
Most of the first time travellers come up with the believe that they may not be able to eat local meals when they travel out of the country. This is the reason why most of them try to eat so much of these meals before their departure.