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Five Ways To Avoid African Fake Travel Agencies

Most Africans wants to travel abroad for one thing or the other. It is either for business trips, study, medical trips or even for study and no one wants to run headlong into a possible travel scam. A lot of African travellers look out for breathtaking travel bargains. They want low rate offers in order to save more money, but you need to know that fake travel agents are out there to prey on you. That’s why we have brought this special article to enable you stay off from fake travel agencies and smell scam from a distance.

Know Who You’re Dealing With

You should be very sure of the people you’re dealing with when it comes to Visa procurement. Many people disguise themselves as fake travelling agents in order to rip travellers off their treasures. There are many fake travelling officials, So in order not to fall victim, you need to make proper research and enquiries. Fake officials often attempt to gain travellers trust with friendly phone pitches that result in credit card transactions. Note that reputable/confirmed agencies will always put down their offers in writing. If there’s no record of the promises and transactions, you’ll have no proof that there was a business transaction between you two.

Make Enquiries

Be sure you get all the facts needed about your travel and the costs of each aspect of your vacation. Your travel agent/consultant should be able to provide you with all the necessary information regarding your trip. If your travelling agency is unable to provide you with all this details, it’s more likely that you’re about getting scammed.

Avoid Unsolicited Travel Offers

You need to be extremely wary of any unsolicited offer, be careful of people telling you that you’ve won a fabulous vacation, or the chance to book one at a very low rate. Fake agents tend to lure intending travellers with low expense trip and most times,  people fall victim of this circumstance because we all want to get things at very cheap rate. These offers are almost always scams and ways of taking your money or even stealing your identity. So be wary of them.


Your travelling agent would always tell you that everything is in place and there is no need for alarm. Even if your travel agent confirms your trip with you prior to departure, you don’t need to rest and say there’s no problem. Call each hotel and airline to ensure that your reservation is made and is problem free. There’s no harm in re-confirmation neither is there any stress involved. Re-confirmation will aid you to know that everything is properly set and you’ll know firsthand that everything is confirmed before you take your trip.

Frequent Use of Words Such as “Complimentary” and “Free”

You should be wary of the frequent use of these words ‘Complimentary or Free’ because most a times, when offers are wrapped up with these words they’re are trying to distract you from some other reality. You need to stay clear this kind of offer in order to save yourself some trouble and mischief of funds. You need to know that very few people on this earth offer complimentary items without some strings attached.