Five Strange Youth Rites To Experience in Africa

African has hundreds of unknown tribes still living in some of the most isolated part of the continent. Some of tribes haven’t seen the light of civilization, which make certain traditions odd and cannot be practice in this generation.  However, some of these traditions are still been practiced in some of these regions.

Here are some tribes practicing strange rites mostly on their youths.

Hamer Tribe of Ethiopia


A time goes in the life of the young boys from the Hamer tribe when they have to prove that they are men.  They are expected to run, jump and land on the back of bulls. Before they do this they are allowed to run across the backs of many bulls without wearing clothes.  The female friends of the boys are the ones to cover their bodies with red ochre mix with fats.  The boys will dance and are whipped by their elders until they are left with wounds and scars. The scars will be used to prove their loyalty to their friends.

Cattle Rustling: The Pokot tribes in Kenya and Uganda

The Pokot tribes in Uganda and Kenya are known for their nomadic life. These people move from one place in search of pastures and water for their cattle. Some may travel for days on foot to ensure that they take care of their animals.

The oddity is that these men have to kill to be satisfied when it comes to acquiring more herds. People with more herds are killed to take over their herbs. The practice is considered normal.

Blood Initiation: Papua New Guinea 


Blood initiation is what every boy must go through before he becomes a man.  The boy will never be called a real man if he doesn’t go through this scary initiation. Pain is initiated and it is this pain that allows the boys to be differentiated from those who are able to meet the requirement.

The boys who are to be initiated must stay away from the influence of their mothers.  Thin wooden canes are to be forced down their throats to make their vomit until everything leaves their stomach. Later, collections of reeds would be inserted into their noses to expel or push out bad influences. Finally, they are stabbed repeated to be purified.

Xhosa Male Circumcision

The Xhosa people of South Africa have what they called abakwetha-male initiation, where the men are shaved. The male initiate is given a feast, and they are taken to a mountain, where huts are built for them by members of the families.  For several weeks, these boys would lived there before circumcision is carried out on them.


Bethrowthed Hamar girls.

Fulani Whip Match: Nigeria
If you think you are men enough, come to Nigeria where the Fulani tribe has a flogging culture. The men are flogged severely before they are allowed to marry. The bloody whip match will be used to determine their self control, strength and bravery. The man that wince the most would be pushed aside.