Five roads that would scare you in South Africa


South Africa is one of the finest countries in Africa- the landscapes, the oceans, the hotels and stunning attractions would make you love the country the more. However, when it comes to driving, there are roads that scare you. We are talking about dangerous roads that you may have to avoid if necessary. There are crazy drivers who may want to scare you out of your lane, but a little bit of carefulness can help you survive in any of the listed roads.


N2, East London to Mthatha

Some people called the road the settler’s road. The drivers on the road are not the patient ones and may not care about other road users. Road rage is common and overtaking is seen in most places you can never imagine. The number of pedestrians struggling with the road users and animals entering the road once in a while makes it a deadly road to use.

N2, Durban to Tongaat

This is a national route the runs from cape town, and all the way to Ermelo, which has been dubbed as one of the dangerous roads in the country.  You may have to hire a local driver if you have not travelled this route alone.

N2, Mthatha to Komstadd

If you have ever visited N2, you will realize understand that this is a bad route to use. The reckless driving on this road will drive you nuts. Accidents occur on a daily basis.

N1, Makhado to Polokwane

The N1 is one of the Cape to cairo roads. When you get to the stretch between  Polokwane and Makhado, you will literally be praying to get home safe. This is a major road that is always busy and plied by numerous pedestrians.

N4, Middleburg to Belfast

The N4 is a national route that runs through Skilpadshek, which is on the Botswana border, and ends at Komatiport on the Mozambique border. The road is a popular one that brings together the east and south of South Africa. You have to be careful while making use of the road.

These roads may be scary but they are travelled without hitches if you are careful. South Africa is one of the most developed countries in Africa, offering you some amazing landscapes and tourists attractions. There are numerous roads in the country where you can drive without a care of reckless drivers in South Africa. All you need to do is ask questions on the safest roads you can make use of while in the country.