Five Reasons African Ladies Love Braiding Their Hairs

Hair braiding is an ancient art that its origin can be traced back to Egypt as far as 3500BC. Africans braided their hair  in those days, in response to their classes, marital status, age grades, traditions, religions, ceremonies and rituals. Both men and ladies in Africa braided their hair until civilization stepped in and it became more in ladies than in men. African ladies enjoy braiding their hairs right from the olden days to this modern day. One may want to know the reason behind the love of hair braiding among African ladies, some of them are listed below.


Braiding of hair is a time consuming activity which can be boring , but this boredom is eliminated by gossip between the women present at the salon. They gossip about matters that concern the heart, the society, life and for married women, children and husbands. They share ideas and give solution to one another addressing issues among themselves. Braiding of hair gives opportunity to women to meet and make new friends also, to strength the bond between friends.

Hair Growth

Science has proven it that the African hair would keep growing but due to its natural dryness and brittleness, it is prone to constant breakage making the hair grow slowly and these ladies, not achieving the length of hair the wish for. It is widely believed that the braiding of hair increases hair growth which has been proven scientifically to be true because while braiding the hair, blood flows into the scalp and stimulates hair growth. Also, the braiding of the hair reduces breakage and knotting and tangling.

Fashion Trend
Many African ladies love fitting into the latest fashion trend especially when it comes to hair. Different braid styles come up on daily, monthly, or yearly  basis, mostly on Christmas periods, and they end up being the trending fashion. Majority of the Africans ladies get captivated by such braids and in the want to look classy and up to date get their hairs braided in that style on board acquiring that look they want.

The African hair can turn  wild and unruly because of its kinky nature and rough look. In other to look decent and neat, African ladies get their hairs braided . This does not just make them look neat but beautiful and presentable boosting their confidence and self esteem.

Application of Hair Treatment
As braiding of hair is enjoyed by African ladies, so is it a way to effectively apply treatment on the scalp without shaving the hair totally. Once the hair is braided, it gives easy access to the scalp for treatment to be applied. Not just that, it allows for the easy flow of oil from the scalp to the tip if the hair.