Five Myths That May Stop You From Visiting Lagos, Nigeria

Lagos is the cultural and economic hub of Nigeria, a megacity filled with exploding music and arts scene. The city of Lagos welcomes visitors around the world daily, offering activities that will keep you busy far past dawn. The splendor of this city that is often called ‘a no man’s land’ because it has rich cultural diversity.  It is one of the most attractive cities in Africa, but not without myths that can scare you.  Not to worry, we have proven that five these myths cannot stop you from visiting Lagos.

The Traffic of Lagos Is Nightmare

There was an era when traffic in Lagos was a nightmare. The mere thought of being caught in the webs of Lagos traffic was enough to discourage tourists from visiting Lagos. Today, moving against traffic is no longer a nightmare. The BRT lanes have played a massive role in reducing the time spent on traffic.  There is also a modern railway system that has been commissioned to take Lagosians to different parts of the city without stress.

Area Boys Are Kings

The Area boys of Lagos infamously referred to as ‘Agberos’ are erroneously believed to rule the city. There are exaggerated stories that are not true because law and order in Lagos are organized to ensure people move about their business without harassment. No city is without area boys, even Paris, New York, and London has their touts. These touts have not stopped tourists from visiting these cities neither has it marred the reputation of Lagos.

Lagos is Prone to Flood

There are two parts of Lagos; the luxurious island and the mainland.  The mainland has little business to deal with flood while the island that houses some of the wealthiest Nigerians and expatriates suffer flood once in a while. However, flooding is not a threat to stop you from exploring the city.

Lagos is Expensive

No megacity is cheap!  Luxury and affluence adorn the beautiful city of Lagos, but it is the home to both the rich and the poor.  The city can be thrifty for people on a tight budget and expensive for those who want to live the extravagant lifestyle.  The costs of living in some quarters like the Island are costly compared to Ojuta and Falomo on the mainland.

Lagosians Are Tricky

Don’t be robed in the stories that tell you that strangers will be led astray when they ask for directions.  There are horror stories of tourists losing their valuables because they asked questions. Everyone in Lagos is not a criminal. There are more good-hearted people than the few criminal minded people on the streets.  The streets of Lagos even many slums are protected by the law enforcement agencies, giving you the safety you need on the streets.


Come to Lagos and enjoy the beauty of life. The nights are vibrant with street foods like grilled chicken, the delicious suya that can be eaten with cold drinks or beers, and baked beans can help you keep strength while you party hard past midnight.