Five Famous Restaurants You Can Eat Local Meals in Zanzibar

Forget about the exotic beaches,  national parks, and game reserves, Tanzania got something that would welt your appetite. The robust and healthy dining experience, from the local hole in the wall  samosa stalls to the seaside eateries that are swanky in nature, you will love eating out in Tanzania. After a long day of snorkeling or safari, there are great restaurants you can eat if you are not ready to mingle with the locals.

Tanzania cuisine is purely diverse and has lots of meat to go with most meals. You can eat Indian spices, fresh seafood and barbecue in any local joint.





In Zanzibar resides one of the best and busiest restaurants in the country. It is located in Stone Town and the kitchen chef is Masoud Salim. Salim grew up among the islanders and know how to pick the right ingredient for any creative dish. You can have the curry and swordfish or even the spiced tea here.  The gorgeous and stunning view of the harbor and beach from the restaurant provide you with a serenity that money cannot buy.


Radha Food House

Zanzibar has a lot of luxury eateries and Radha Food House is among them. It is also sitting in the Stone Town where the all vegetarian cuisine is Indian inspired. You would love this place if you are not a fan of meat. Meals that are unique like thalis-which is the type of eating where you are provided with round bowls that are filled with yorgurt, rice, dal, roti, vegetables, chutney and lots more.



Sambusa Two Table


There is one perfect spot to eat the local meals and have that cuisine experience you may never get in other parts of the world- Sambusa Two Tables. The restaurant is a family run business that is in a home.  The name of the restaurant tells it all when you literarlly see the two tables left at the back of the house. You will feel at home and have that sense of welcome as you explore some of the best homemade foods.





In Stone Town, you are assured of great meals from Monsoon, that is uniquely designed to give you a taste of the locals. It has that Swahili taste with its stunning décor, dinning and floor-cushion, not forgetting that you will be entertained with live Taraab music.


You shouldn’t miss the cocktails that can be gotten upon request. The meals are generously sized and vibrant. Seafood such as the delicious octopus that is prepared in tuna vegetable kebabs with mango papaya salsa or fresh coconut sauce.



Mercury is located in Stone Town too, and it is an oceanfront restaurant and grill that is named after Queen vocalist Freddie Mercury. At sunset, it attracts many people looking for cocktail.  The bonfire that is set by the restaurant in the night alongside live music is an attraction.  The seafood is prepared in different ways by the chef who is careful to make you enjoy yourself.