Five Drinks You Can Try in South Africa

Every country has its collection of  drinks that it guards jealously. From the fermented home -made beers to soft red tea leaves , locals have been seen taking some drinks that can knock out a light-headed most times. To these people, drinking is a normal way of life and sometimes, it can be used to test manhood. It is not everyone who drinks everything because most people have preference. If you are in South Africa, you are not going to be left behind in drinks.

Mind you, it is not all the sampling drinks in South Africa that are alcoholic. This means that you can get your own drink even if you are not ready to get high in a hot afternoon or calm evening.


Umqombothi is made from corn and it is a Xhosa beer. It has low alcohol content and high in Vitamin B.  You can see the locals taking it in communal  setting. Umqombothi can be the reconciling drink between enemies and for family and friends too. It is made by the South African women and was once considered the men’s drink.


Maybe, you can try the Witblits. It is a grape fermented brandy that is often called firewater. It is common among those in the Western Cape and has become the South Africa moonshine. Of course, Americans have their own moonshine but this has a punch for you.


Mampoer is not like witblits because it got more fruits in it; litchi, apricot, peach and many others. It was named after a Pedi chief Mampuru.  You can see most people from the northern parts of the country taking it. However, you can have a taste of Mampoer if you order online or buy from the locals.  If you are in South Africa, you can visit Groot Marico where you can drink Mampoer until you are tired.

 Springbok (Springbokkies)

South Africa has lots of drinks such as Springbok that has made a name for itself. You may be wondering what is the meaning of Springbok?  It is a popular shooter that has been named after the country’s long-legged buck. The drink can easily be bought over the bar. It is a very popular drink especially during the sporting events.


Amasi is slightly sour milk that is thick and non-alcoholic. You can buy it in most shops around the country. Amasi is a source of probiotics which is why it is greatly sought after. It has been stated through studies that Amasi helps in the improvement of the immune system and helps the body absorb vitamins and minerals.

You can see that South Africa has some of the finest drinks in Africa. Have you tasted any of these drinks? You can drop your comments below to let us know your experience.