Five Cheap Vacation Places In Nigeria

We know that Nigeria is a country that is surrounded by stunning landscapes, charming and beautiful tourists’ locations in its different states yet, there are so many places you can have an affordable vacation. We often find thousands of tourists coming to experience amazing festivals such as Sango Festival, eat delicious local delicacies like Afam soup and dine in some of the luxury hotels around the country such as Golf Le-Meridian Hotel in Akwa Ibom. We have picked five cheap vacation places in Nigeria that you can visit.


Ikom may not be a luxury vacation city like Abuja. Sure, megacities like Lagos and Abuja envy this place that has a waterfall called Agbokim waterfall, Ikom Monoliths that can be compared to Stonehenge, there is the Afi rainforest and the Ikom town beach, which are free to visit. Ikom is a very affordable place to have your vacation in Nigeria.  You can lodge in Jandged Hotel & Resort which is from N5,000 per night.



In Ibadan, you can shop cheap and visit like Ibadan Zoo and Ibadan Botanical Garden  where you can pay  up to N200  as gate fees. The two sites are inside the University of Ibadan. There are numerous markets around the city that you visit too. You are not missing the hype that flows from the  nearby vibrant city of Lagos when you are in Ibadan. It is an ancient that started flourishing around the 18th century. Along Ring Road is Scrolab Executive Hotel that is from N4,500 per night


Famously referred to as Zazzau, Zaria has become a vacation spot because of its peacefulness in spite of the constant terrorist attacks in northern states like Borno State. This is because of the presence of the army barracks in Jaji and Zaria.  The legendary Queen Amina Wall is proudly standing tall in the ancient part  that has blended with the modern city. Zaria is the home to some of the biggest educational institution in the country such as Ahmadu Bello University. Zaria Hotel is  popular and goes around N6,435 per night.

Ile Ife

Ile Ife is blessed with a beauty landscape and has famous places of attraction such as the Obafemi Awolowo University and Natural History Museum of Nigeria that have free access. Are you a traditionalist? This is one place in Nigeria where you can easily mingle with the locals in joints where bush meats and palm wine are served. The reason is the locals here are skilled in preparing their bush meats in a special way that you may not resist. A hotel like Hilton Hotels goes for N2,500 per night


The Food Basket Of The Nation is a welcoming and warm place for you to visit. Do you love exotic life? Makurdi is not going to disappoint vacationers who would want to explore, hike and climb mountains like the Abalekpam Mountain. This mountain is a free place to visit. The city has everything for everyone from great time, affordable accommodation to beautiful locations. Lovers would love that charm that hovers around the city. The accommodation is very affordable and goes from N3,500 per night depending on your hotel choice.