Five Beautiful Low Maintenance Hairstyles For Working Mums

As working Moms, our kids and work take up all or most of our time. We are just so busy that the only time we’ll probably have for ourselves is usually in a traffic jam on our way to work.

Some days back, we shared makeup tips for working moms     because we understand the issues involved when it comes to self care.

Many at times, we the working mums  realize that even if we want to look like we slept perfectly, time is just against us. From having to get our kids to school and still getting to work on time, there’s just no time to do so. We end up leaving our houses with barely any makeup and a messy hair.

How can we fix this? How do we make sure we look at least 50% decent without putting too much efforts and wasting time?

Well, It’s actually quite easy.

You should understand that most times, there’s just little or no time for makeup. Don’t feel discouraged yet. Who cares about your face if you’re rocking a perfect hair do? Your hair simply needs to be on point.


So, what are some of those hairstyles that take very little effort to install and maintain?

Before we list them, let’s talk about wigs. As a working mom, they’re usually your best option for yourself. However, they aren’t actually the best for your hair. Constantly wearing wigs thins the edges of your hair and leads to hair loss especially your cherished front hair which can be alot of headache to deal with.


Who doesn’t love Ghana weaving? It’s just so beautiful to look at.

Unfortunately, most stylists haven’t actually gotten the hang of it without causing damages to the edges of our hair.

This reason gives Ghana weaving a bad rep and causes most ladies to avoid this hairstyle.

However, when you see a beautifully done work, you can’t just help but want to rock this hairstyle.


Mini twists are the perfect choice for natural haired working moms. This hair style can last for up to eight weeks and although it takes a bit of time to do, the end results are just awesome. This hairstyle, however, depends on your hair type. For mums with 4C hair type, this is just perfect for you.


Another added benefit is the fact that the older it gets, the better it becomes.



Your hair type and hair texture doesn’t matter with this hairstyle. Both natural and relaxed haired working moms can install the box braids.

It lasts for about six weeks, is versatile and also requires low maintenance.


The Pixie cut is an awesome hairstyle for you. It requires low maintenance so you don’t need to spend time trying to give it a perfect look. Simply brush and go.

Also, it gives you a very different look especially if you’re use to wearing your hair or extensions long


It also keeps long hair off the back for a while, a reason I particularly love this hairstyle in the heat. We know how disturbing our long hair can be.


This hairstyle works better for working moms with long natural or relaxed hair. That doesn’t mean you can’t do buns if you’re hair isn’t long enough.


For those that their hair isn’t really long, extensions could be fixed to increase its length.

This is a great low maintenance hairstyle that can be worn for two to three weeks.