Five Amazing Tech Innovations For Africans

When we think we have seen it all in innovation, we are humbled by a new technological invention. From agricultural drone to 3D printing, Africa has found its feet as an innovation hub that is improving the lives of its people. We have listed a few of the innovations that would blow your mind.

3D Printing Woelabs, Togo

Lalle Nadjagou is from Dapanong in Togo.  He is crazy about design and technology that he came up with the Woelab’s 3D printing. With e-waste, Nadjagou started his 3D printing with a machine in the schools around his workshop. Imagine what would happen if this machine is utilized in every city in Africa. The machine only works on e-waste and recycling.

Biomedical Jacket, Uganda

Brian Turyabagye created his biomedical jacket that can easily diagnose patients with pneumonia before a doctor could.  The jacket is nicknamed Mother’s Hopr or Mamaopse, a reminder of the 27,000 kids who are killed by the respiratory disease yearly.  There is a mobile phone application and Bluetooth on the jacket that helps in giving a perfect diagnosis.  The information it receives from the chest is transmitted to a smartphone through the Bluetooth.

World’s Largest Telescope, South Africa

Southern African Large Telescope (SALT) has been named the largest single optical telescope in the southern hemisphere and among the largest in the world. The project is referred to The Square Kilometre Array (SKA) project.

Agricultural Drones

Agricultural drones have found their way to Africa. These drones developed by Aerobotics come with a combination of drone, satellite and artificial intelligence technology. It supports farmers with accurate data analysis about the performance of their crops every season and highlights problem areas.

 Robots, Kinshasa

The Democratic Republic of Congo has human-like robots that record and detect traffic flow. Thanks to a team of Congolese engineers at Kinshasa Higher Institute of Applied Technique, who created these robots that send information that are used to ease traffic.