Five Amazing Facts About The Benin Republic

Benin Republic is a country which possess the true beauty of the African nature. Lately the country has turned out to be the most visited country by mostly Africans. This visit is based on tourism and most especially for business and other interesting facts. These facts have been listed and you will find it very interesting.

1: Business
Over the years the country has engaged in a free market system with a major export to cotton. There are among the few countries that engage in the export of cotton. This fact draws many to the country mostly countries who’s currency is of high values than theirs.

2: Artworks
Do you love artworks.? If you don’t trust us, you would turn to be one of the biggest fan in artwork if you ever come here. The truth is over the past decades, the country has turned out to be one of the sites for artistic activity across the world. The arts include fine craftsmanship in iron and brass and cloth appliqué banners associated with ancient Dahomey. Also, the country has produced artists who have proven to be the best in some art exhibition.

Surprisingly to many mostly Nigerians,  the country shares certain things with them ranging from tribes, languages and religion. The Yoruba’s is an ethnic group in Nigeria which speaks Yoruba as their language, and surprisingly this language is also been spoken in the country.

4. Fashion
The local attire of the people of Benin include the “Bomba ” dresses which are created  as tunics, the men have it as trousers and a loincloth while the women has it as a top. The traditional dress for Beninese men is loose, long and is having boubou –style cotton shirts over pants. In the formal versions, the embroidered boubou is also becoming popular with both men and women.The folk costumes of Benin include the West African dashiki, which is a colorful men’s garment covering the top half of the body.

5: Roadside Foods
One thing you would definitely going to love about this place is the fun of seeing women walking around selling food or serving fresh made street food. Beninese has one of the healthiest African food and they are quite delicious. There are so many to try and these foods can be gotten at a cheap rate. Food like Yovo Doko, Akkar, Massa, Akkasa, Ablo, Amiwo, Igname Pilé, Sokoura or Fufu, Tapioca and the rest of them.

If you have not visited this lovely country, these few facts that are recorded may drag you to it. There are lots of places you can visit and things to do when you are in this country. It is one of those places you travel to and the excitement may not want you to go home. The festivals are great with affordable accommodation. The affordability of Benin is one of the many reasons why we see lots of Africans coming to it for business, pleasure and relaxation.  What do you think of Benin?