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Five Amazing Destination To See in AFRICA

Despite the fact Africa has been tagged a developing continent, there are wondrous cities in this continent. You are fully embraced by Mother Nature to see some of the wonders that some African cities possess. These cities have attracted millions of tourists from other countries of the world to itself.
The cities are listed as follows:
Cape Town

As a known city in Africa, Cape Town has been recognized for its eyes widening tourism endowments. The beautiful city has won so many awards internationally and got its popularity from high esteemed travel awards. Cape Town might not be a large city but it has everything to be called sophisticated.  The glamorous city has everything you require for an amazing vacation.


Accra, is a place for leisure and a city of fun. Different nations have situated their companies in Accra and have remolded the city to their convenience, giving Accra a glorious look. The city is one of the most enjoyable places four tourists and tourism.

Tourists would not ask for a safer place as there are CCTV cameras on watch for the visitors in order to provide adequate care for them. Accra has so much glamour, design, and beautiful looks to present to the awe of tourists.


Nairobi is a well-known city in Kenya. We have  seen African cultures take an amazing transformation in Nairobi. There are numerous international companies that have their offices here. The General Electric and Rockefellers have chosen it  for holding and carrying out all African operations. Nairobi is rich in business concerning that social,  the political and economic market.


Johannesburg may be a city in a developing continent but it  is in competition with most developed cities of the world. The beautiful South African city has been recognized as most expensive and modernized among other existing cities of South Africa. It has one of the most beautiful airports of the world called ORTI airport. The wealth of the city flows through businesses and enriches even the smallest business in it . Johannesburg is beautiful and cultural.


The Gaborone city which is located in Botswana has developed vigorously and has earned popularity in such a little time. History has it that Gaborone got its independence in the 1960s. The country has being peaceful, powerful, beautiful, wealthy as its attributes. Over 230,000 people are dwelling in Gaborone.

Due to the presence of these beautiful, glamorous, classy, sophisticated and gorgeous cities, Africa has been seen as one of the most wondrous continents of the world.