Five African Wedding Designers Who Have Changed Our Wedding Outfits

Wedding is an important event in Africa. Thinking of where you can have your luxury wedding without the allure of Paris or the intimidation of the Big Ben background in London. Africa brings out the best in wedding designers who go the extra mile to ensure that every bride looks breathtaking on her special day. Over the years, we have come to embrace the works of some African designers who have made it a duty to ensure that weddings in Africa are exotic with their outfits.

Amsala Aberra


Have you heard of Amsala Aberra? Aberra is an Ethiopian-American designer who loves simple wedding outfits. Today, Aberra’s bridal company can be seen in some of the high-end shops around the world. You will love her creativity when you are ready for your wedding. There is no part of Africa that doesn’t have clients buying from Aberra.

Brides by NoNA


Nneka C. Alexander is an  Atlanta-based Nigerian designer who has crafted a name for herself. She is a bespoke bridal designer of custom-made gowns. If you want that wedding dress that is superior and out of this world, Nneka is the person to meet. With the huge competition in the bridal industry, fashion savvy Africans are meeting people like Nneka who understand what they are looking for in traditional gowns and bridesmaid gowns.

David Tlale


David Tlale is a guy who has tasted fame on different fashion platforms. He is from South Africa and has made African print wedding gowns and traditional wedding gowns to stand out in the crowd. The unconventional process by which Tlale designs every wedding gown is extraordinary.

Farida Deglel


Farida Deglel is proudly African in bridal creations. She knows how to make use of historic fabrics in creating super impressive gowns. She easily blends modern and traditional designs to portray Western, Middle Eastern and Eritrean influences.



Mai Atafo


Mai Atafo is no stranger to beautiful wedding appearance. Little wonder, she won the Allure Style Icon in 2011 (Nigeria). The brand was launched in 2011 to be graceful and timeless gowns for brides who are looking for something exotic. If you are thinking of getting the best wedding attire, this designer will change the way you see traditional wedding outfits

There are other wedding designers in Africa who have done noble and justice in designing extraordinary wedding outfits that turn heads wherever they are worn in any part of the world.

If you are thinking of getting that wedding gown that is traditional and lovely, these designers can help you get your desire to reality when they create your gown for you.