Extraordinary Things that Makes Lagos A Dream City

Lagos is mostly addressed as the pride of Nigeria by most people. It is a place that draws  much attention to itself. An event may occur in other cities in African  but the enthusiasm would be nothing compared to when the same event occur in Lagos.

The best of the stories of adventure, Lagos is sure to tell you. Now, Lagosians proudly say that there is no place like the city. Maybe, it is because of the abundance of things in the city. But really, the city has exciting features that makes the city outstanding and these are some of it:

Loads of Adventure
Lagos is full of nice and beautiful places. There are beaches, you have the National Theatre of Art and Culture, there are many night clubs and event centres, polo clubs and hotels. All these makes Lagos state full of fun and excitement. No wonder people find it hard to go back to their destinations whenever they come down to Lagos.

Most reasons people come to Lagos is to make ends meet. This is a place full of varieties of opportunities and one can never go empty -handed once you’re hardworking and smart. In Lagos, you’ll find many companies, industrials and firms. It is also a centre of entrepreneurship and creativity. No wonder everyone wants to come to Lagos and make money.


Lagos is a place of partying and entertainment. Lagos is  where you’ll never sleep because events will sweep you off your feet. There is always the weekend ‘Owambe’ party, Friday night clubs, Sunday happy hours and lots more. Not forgetting, it is also a place of culture and tourism. Lagos is no doubt the best place for vacations and so long as you’re the party type, Lagos is a place for you to be.

Academic Field
Another good aspect of Lagos state is that it’s an academic home. You’re sure to find the best schools ranging from the Nursery/Primary up to the tertiary institutions.  If you’re looking for a place to study, Lagos state is a good option for you and be rest assured you won’t regret it.

Cost Of Living

One of the good deeds of Lagos state is that is so affordable for people who live in it. Everything is so cheap ranging from transportation to foodstuffs down to  house rents. And this makes Lagos so unique and satisfactory to live in. Since you can get goods and services at your finger tips without much cost, what else can one be possibly looking for.