Exploring Exotic Food and Restaurants in Madagascar

There are dining options in Madagascar that range from street side cafes and eateries and in house hotel restaurants.  Visitors are offered a wide selection of local delicacies,fresh seafood  French-influenced cuisine and the country’s blend of French, Arab and African gastronomy.  Madagascar leaves a visitor with a feeling of  excitement and desire to experiment with some of the best meals on earth. We have listed some of the options of drinking and eating in Madagascar.

Pubbing and bars

Bars and Pubbing in Madagascar will take care of your thirst.  There are many places you can enjoy cool music and drinks. The love of music for Malagasy ranges from traditional sounds to rock and everything jazz.  The Hilton Hotel can be a great place to have a lovely time at lounges and bars where you will meet locals and expats for regular hangout.  The Café de la Gare is a dual purpose restaurant and bar in the country. You can come here and have an amazing moment with your family.

You can visit Nosy Be Island where you can eat some of the best meals during its night activities.  The drinks are served chill and you have a lot of options to make.  Dance all through the night at the Toamasina, L’Univers, where you are offered drinks and music that will keep you awake all night.


Dining and Cuisine

In Madagascar, there are fine dining hubs that is as good as home with lower priced places to eat that will suit your budgets and tastes.  A unique experience is what you will get from a Malagasy gastronomy including international options that offers visitors classic French.  You can come over at the L’Auberge where you will be  served good wine, cheese and  meat-based French cuisine.  For hight quality European and inexpensive dishes, there is the La Brasserie and La Boussole for you to visit. On Thursdays, you can hang out with soul and jazz music.

The Chez Sucett is set in the bustling Isoraka district and specializes in amazing Creole cuisine and frequented by staffs from embassies.  The  most expensive restaurant is Hotel Colbert that is famed for its upscale dress and classic French cuisine.  Most visitors love the Villa Venille because of its charming setting and exquisite dishes.  There is the traditional music at the background of Villa Venille.

No matter your budget, Nosy Be Island is a good choice and it is perfectly nestled in Hell-Ville.  If you are thinking of Mediterranean seafood meals, come over to  Le Nandipo, while those who love Italian blend can come over to Le Papillon where a famous Italian chef resides.  Delicious French cuisine can be eaten at Ambatolampy’s Au Rendevous des Pecheurs (Ambatolampy).