Exotic Places You Visit During Vacation in Africa

There are lots of places you can visit in Africa during vacation. Africa doesn’t lack great tourists’ attraction sites. If you are tired of the safaris, there are numerous landscapes for you to see, waters waiting for you to cross and hotels that are closer to home.

We have listed some exotic places you visit in Africa the next time you come;

 Mapungubwe Cultural Landscape- South Africa

The interesting fact about Mapungubwe Cultural Landscape is that it joins Botswana, Zimbabwe and South Africa.  The vast expanse of savanna meets at the confluence of the Limpopo and Shashe Rivers and gives you the rare privilege of seeing an ancient kingdom. Come along with your friends and have an exciting moment.

Kenya Lake System and the Great Rift Valley, Kenya

There are three lakes that are shallow in this part of the world; Lake Nakuru, Lake Bogoria and Lake Elementaita.  You will see one of the highest bird diversities on earth and not forgetting the lesser flamingoes and white pelicans that nest here. You will see the African wild dog, Rothschild’s giraffe and black rhinos.  The pink colour designed by the flamingos is something that will marvel.

Twyfelfontein, Namibia

Twyfelfontein is located in Damaraland that has the world’s largest collection of rock engravings that are well preserved. The engraving of giraffes, ostrich, elephants and foot prints of man and animals make this place magnificent.

Come here and explore the beauty of Namibia.

Victoria Falls

The Smoke that Thunders is what most people called Victoria Falls. If you have not visited this falls, you must have seen it in movies or travel papers. The site meets Zambia and Zimbabwe, leaving you a spectacular view from any of these countries. It is a World Heritage Site that doesn’t lose its allure any time you come here.

 Stone Town, Zanzibar

Nothing prepares you for what you will see when you come to the Stone Town. The town hasn’t transformed over the last two hundred years. Stone Town is one place where you may not want to miss when you are in Zanzibar.  There are historic architectural structures like the Grand Arab Houses and Palaces of Sultans.

You can tell us where on earth you can find places like this. Africa has become a tourist hub for those who are looking for adventure and fun.  If we didn’t add your favourite place to the list, you can comment below.