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Exotic Destinations to Unwind During Weekends in Africa

During the week, one can be stressed out, weary and bored due to work stress and other duties that take all our time in the week. When it is Friday, one just can’t wait to get home and rest. But that is not the best way to spend one’s weekend after those stressful and terrible work days. Here are listed the best places you may want to spend weekend.

Les Alizes Beach Resort

Going to Senegal to spend a weekend at the Les Alizes Beach Resort is worth it. The  resort brought to life all imaginary fantasy one may have imagined. In this resort, there is a 5 star hotel that looks heavenly from which you can have beautiful views of the sea.
There is a private balcony which has been built in a way one could view the greenly and bright garden filled with flowers.

There is the bluish infinity swimming pool that refreshes the body and mere looking at it makes one yearn for a dive into the pool.

Les Beach resort has massage services and this beach is sited on top of the hill where one can have the most beautiful view one has ever seen with his or her eyes.

Anomabo Beach Resort

How stressful was the week? No matter how tedious your week may have been, a weekend vacation at the Anomabo Beach Resort would take away the stress. The beach has a romantic atmosphere as there is provision for honeymoon.

It has palm trees beautifully arranged by nature close to it. The wave on the sea is a sight to behold.
The Anomabo beach has  free WiFi, free private parking, restaurant  that serve well prepared meals. There are air conditioned rooms, library, beautiful views of the sea, classic and comfortable beach beds for relaxation and feeling of the sea breeze and distinct beach smell. In case you need to take your pet with you, pets too are allowed. This beach is found in Cape Coast Ghana.

Casa Del Papa

Make it to La Casa Del Papa Ouidah in Benin. Create great memories that you would not forget in a jiffy. This wonderful beach is nestled in between palm trees and has beautiful tidal flow and cool and fresh breeze comes from both the trees and the sea. The beach has places for people that love sports, like the lawn tennis court, the hockey court and also a place provided for football.
There a sit outs made from palm fronds, canoes are provided for moving on the sea and many other wonderful things would in no doubt beat your imagination. Your appetite can never go away since meals are made at the best they can ever be made. Delicacies you have never tasted are prepared there too. Clear blue swimming pools are there too for relaxation.

La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort

La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort  located at Lekki/Epe Expressway Nigeria, is a resort like no other. It combines an African themed hospitality with modern luxury.
To your surprise, you would find an island with a palm tree in a pool, a pool volleyball, modern huts with the luxury kind of luxury you have never expected. All these luxuries come in an affordable price.

Obudu Mountain Resort

On your first visit to this wildlife and mountain resort located at Cross River State, you will ask what you have been doing with all your weekends.
This resorts exposes you to the beauty of nature, fountains, mountains and animals that would thrill you. There are other facilities provided for visitors like the gymnasium, places sighted for perfect views and lots more. A weekend at Obudu Mountain Resort is life changing and creates a long-lasting memory in the minds of many.


Melia Tortuga Beach Resort

The Melia Tortuga Beach located at Carpet Verde could be said to be heavenly. What more could be needed in a weekend vacation? Melia has wonderful and effective saunas, spot for games and sports, free WiFi and internet services, glamorous and home away from home hotel suits, security, restaurants with different kinds of cuisines, Mediterranean and international different kinds of bars and wines. This beach has the sun shining  on it beautifully. The beach could be said to be sun-drenched and a beauty to behold. Going home would be something done reluctantly.