Exercise For Women Who Desire Beautiful Bodies

Whether you’re interested in losing weight or just aiming for that perfect body the answer to your problem is burning all that extra fat. They’re a lot of ways by which you  can achieve  your goal, you can go on a diet or you can exercise. But that’s all for a short term effect. For the long term you must implement both of these things in your lifestyle. Your primary objective must be to make it a habit that you enjoy rather than something that you dread.

So you want a perfect body? Let’s go to step one which is moving. Yes start moving around, start making a routine of involving exercise into your daily routine but most importantly burn all of that useless fat.



Let’s start with cardio; it’s the quickest way to see the results for all that hard work. It’s far most the best way to burn fat and not only that, it also speeds up your metabolism.

Cardio obviously includes the physical activities such as running, cycling and swimming but if you’re not into these boring types you can always go horse riding, dancing or even play squash. But do include running into your activities, yes we all know it gets boring but once you start to see the sudden change in your body you will start to enjoy it, then you can do it anywhere and anytime and the plus point is that it doesn’t cost a penny.


So this is basically how weight training works, the better your muscles are the more energy they require to function properly and hence you burn fat. Now we know how essential they are but some of us are the types who just want a good body not, the muscle type. This is common among a lot of people but as a matter of fact weight training won’t turn you into the hulk it will just tone your body up.

Here are a few examples of how you can do that.

Exercise 1: the leg press

– Targets your bum, thigh and lower abs.

To do this:

-Adjust seat, make sure thighs are parallel to foot plate when you recline.

-keep your feet-width apart and press your feet as much as possible into the plate.

-straighten your legs completely but DO NOT lock your knees at the top.

-Bend your knees and then lower until the weight is just above the stack

-make you sure you repeat these 10 times.

(Start with a lighter weight and make your way up)

Exercise 2: lateral pull downs

-targets you back, chest, biceps and lats.

To do these:

-Use the long bar at your local gym. Get a good grip with both of your hands. Make sure your hands are 2-3 inches from the center with your palms facing forward.

-slightly lean back, make sure to keep your arms straight, chest lifted and abs engaged. After this pull the bar towards your chest.

-hold for a second or two then slowly return it to its initial position. Repeat this exercise 10 times and do preferably 2 sets.


What are combination exercises? It’s exactly what the name suggests. It’s a combination of cardio and weight training. These give you the best result from your workout and are fantastic in every aspect.

Here are some example exercises for you.

Exercise 1: the biceps curl with triceps kickbacks.

Targets the front and back of your arms

To do these:

-stand with your knees slightly bent and lean 45 degrees out with your chest forward, make sure to keep your elbows by your side.

-bring the dumbbells towards your chest for your biceps and then immediately extend your arms back for your triceps.

-keep your elbows by your side and keep squeezing throughout this workout.

Exercise 2: squat with overhead triceps extension.

This will tone your arms and most of your lower body.

To do these:

-initiate this workout by starting off in a squat position with your glutes back. Grab hold of your dumbbell and hold it behind your head with your elbows almost close to touching your ears.

-Press up with your heels and in the process extend your arms towards the ceiling.

-now gradually lower the dumbbell back down as you get back to your squatting position.

-it is essential to keep your chest lifted throughout the entire exercise.

(Start with a lighter weight and make your way up)

To reach your goals try doing all these exercises for at least 3 hours weekly.