How to Establish A Successful Clothing Business Empire in Africa

Do you find it a daunting task to get your choice of clothes in the boutique? Have you ever wanted to get involved in the fashion industry? The clothing business is one of the few businesses on earth that has a future.  With younger talented fashionistas joining the clothing business, there is  a huge demand for customized clothing.  Africa has a large number of fashion designers who are pulling out world class fashion brands from the shops.

If you have a flair for fashion, you can establish a clothing business empire in Africa within a short time.

Africa is an excellent choice to lunch a clothing brand or business. Successful individuals who are making it in the fashion industry have revealed some the secrets behind their success.

The following tips will help you on how to make money from a clothing business in Africa:


Making research is a key to starting a successful fashion business. This is because you need to know what is trending at a particular time, a new thing to add or remove, the region that favours your market and the material you will need.  If you can get yourself enough information on the clothing niche you need, it will be easier for you to start up your business.

Your Style

Having a different style from what’s trending at a present time makes you outstanding and special. Becoming innovative and thinking outside the box is a major role in standing out and making your stuffs unique from the others in the same business line.

Establish Your Pricing Model

In establishing a product and initial inventory, you would have an appropriate amount of capital to start with. At the end of business transactions, your profits should be 30-50% higher when you add up your associated expenses. Also your wholesale and retail rates should be bigger than your expenses.

Find a manufacturer

Obviously, starting your business may come with few customers that you can easily handle. However, a time will come when you may not be able to meet the demand of your customer especially if you are good at what you do. When this time comes, you will need an extra source to help you stay on top of your business.

Marketing Skills

Learning and coming up with marketing strategies is an excellent way of expanding your brand. Such marketing strategies include telling people about your brand orally and also developing a good website where customers get to know about and purchase your stuffs even when they can’t reach you personally.

Listen to Your Customers

Reaching out to customers or creating a means for customers to make suggestions on what the feel about your brand is an important role in establishing your fashion business. And in case of a major change you should get to hear your customers’ opinion toward the change.

Good Location

Sometimes, the  success of a business depends on where the business is located at and the fashion business is not an exception. You should startup a fashion business where you have a large rate of individuals living around the location.