The Economic transformation of Mauritius: Lessons Other Countries Can Learn

Since 2012, Mauritius has been moving gradually in winning entrepreneurs with its business. The reason is simple.   According to the 2013 “Ease of Doing Business” report, the country was able to make property transfers swifter as it takes 15 days instead of the normal 210 days prior to that year.  Mauritius has advanced in its credit facility. In 2012, the country climbed to the 49th easiest place in the world to do business and the 1st in Africa.

These are some of the factors that have helped in its economic transformation.


In this country the corporation between worker and the owner of a firm, have been properly improved when compared to other African counties in socialization and steadiness. Within the individual and general divisions, various laws attached and third believed party pattern of problem solving, this is as a result of less stage of work pertaining problems and unwrapped dialog with associations.


From when they had their independence till now, they have spent money on primary and secondary infrastructure provision of good road, dams, erection of power and information communication technology in cities, local and sightseeing places.

As at the year 2009, they have aimed at stablemen of social amenities as a means of restoring their production and management of wealth material from the national declination. Currently their authorities have unstoppable improved plan listed in their national improvement scheme, not leaving out timely `improving and sustenance.


This nation have meaningful  individual  support  techniques in mining, manufacturing, funding turn up, sightseeing and journey division. This has increased in noticeable heterogeneity in their production, distribution and consumption,  and this is as a result of  gifted and technical persons in their main money making divisions.

They have many confined and multinational educational institution, they also have been given official approval and authenticated association which assures that, the technical grade of excellence is in order of the global lay down principle, at the same time authorities guarantees that techniques adopted is in order with production needs.


Organizational backing in their nation assures entrepreneurs security and plan,  as a result this  modernized law applied. The nations association has been advance by worldwide standard and special conference due to this, they gain profit of an establishment and marketing platform, a learned funding group, a competent association, a rural business association, and without involving the government.


This countries credit and funding commerce is one of the best equipped in Africa, carrying many home firms and confined work places of different nations. A current Rand commercial institute ranked them as one of the best five African nations with easy access to credits, the Global Firms discovery confirmed they   help the greater number of organization in Africa with series of loan.

Africa has many countries like Mauritius that are doing great in ensuring that there business arenas are stabilized.  Some of the countries in Africa can learn from the strategy of Mauritius to achieve excellent economic growth.