Easy ways to Identifying Quality African Ankara



Ankara has come to stay. Its different designs and styles keep evolving daily. When worn , it evokes elegant and classical look out of wearer’s faces. No doubt the Africa adored print fabric is versatile and unique. Despite Ankara uniqueness, many materials are pirated and sold to the market. If care is not taken , an individual might end up buying the wrong material. While the difference between fake and original Ankara fabrics is difficult to know, it’s pertinent to note that the time must be invested in learning about the original Ankara fabrics. That learning saves you against market scams and guides your selection processes.

Factors to consider when choosing Ankara product include :

  1. COTTON: Ankara is 100% is cotton. There are so many products in the market today carry Ankara designs but are not of cotton. Many people have mistaken materials like silk ,Jersey ,satin and even denim for Ankara. Can they be blamed for such decision? Absolutely No. Anyone can fall victim of such poor buying decision. That’s not merely because of quick buying decision. Rather, it’s as a result of the print on the material. The print can be confusing and deceptive. It bears complete resemble with the original Ankara material. Materials of partial or no cotton is a bad Ankara fabrics



  1. RESISTANCE: Quality Ankara fabrics are excellent resistance of scratches or accidental abrasive movement. An Authentic Ankara material is smooth to touch and soft on the skin. They have good high resistance to damages. Their prints are made through an Indonesian wax-resisit dyeing techniques called BATIK.So, such high standard print hardly scratches easily. If the material are great, it will be extremely difficult for them to get scratches easily.

Ankara Styles

  1. STRENGTH: Ankara fabrics are popularly strong. They are widely used not only in sewing clothes, they are also relevant in bagging and shoes making industry. With high-tech production equipment, Ankara is used to make quality and durable shoes. If that be the case, it’s challenging to see Ankara tear easily. The material is not too think and soft .Nevertheless, it has good strength. That’s one unique aspect of the material.

Ankara Styles

  1. SOFT TOUCH: Even with the strength and resilience of Ankara, the fabric is still one of the smoothest to touch. If it can be crumped easily and restored to its shape, it means the Ankara is of great material. Any material that is too hard is never a right Ankara fabrics. It mean the material is not cotton and of good material.

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  1. WATER : Ankara is expected to absorb water and dry equally fast. Within a few hours, the washed Ankara dries quickly. So, buyers don’t have to spend day to dry their clothes after laundry. Also, quality Ankara doesn’t bleed when dipped in water.

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  1. Ensure RN is written on the selvage of the fabrics
  2. Resistance to Abrasion is another crucial factor to consider
  3. Right Ankara is easy to touch and gentle on the skin.
  4. Quality Ankara shouldn’t bleed when dipped in water.