Don’t Let Distance Drive You Apart This Season

Many of your cynic buddies may have told you that there is no way that long-distance relationships can work. Not only is that wrong but research also suggests that these relationships can be just as strong as those where couples live together.

A study was conducted in the University of Utah where it was found that the levels of relationship and sexual satisfaction in long-distance couples were similar to, and even greater than average couples.

One may wonder if that’s even possible but Karen Blair explained, “being apart from your partner forces you to work on areas of relationship maintenance that geographically close couples may take for granted.  Long-distance couples even practice good methods such as having evocative conversations. This ties them closer and helps understand each other. They even discuss sexual matters to remain intimate with each other even if they fail to exercise it physically. Blair also said thatliving close to your partner can add to overlooking emotionally close behaviors.

The ladder to success can be achieved by following some golden rules.

  1. 15 minutes do the trick — take out at least 15 minutes daily for your partner to discuss any important happening of the day. A study at Cornell University states that partners should be able to talk to each other about heavy stuff including your job, family, goals, success and failure. This tactic even works great if you live nearby as it helps feel closer.


  1. Flawed technology is your ally – I’m sure you’re familiar with the connection timeout which occurs during Skype or face-time. Well that gives you the perfect window to carefully observe her facial expressions and tone. This helps in forcing you to focus in your conversation and results in effective communication. A study from Ohio State University suggests cooking activities and movie watching together.


  1. Add some spice to your love life – we are not asking you to add spice to the kitchen but to give equal importance to sex just like every other aspect in a relationship. Sex is a vital part and essential need of human beings so phone sex, erotic videos and suggestive pictures can arise intimacy. Engaging in digital foreplay assists in decreasing geographical boundaries and sustain physical connection says M.D Greg Guldner.

  1. Have some real rendezvous –if too much time is spent apart partners often start formulating their own ideal in their minds. When the actual person does not meet the standard of the perfect perception many problems may arise, even break-ups. Study suggests that sharing space and arranging visits once in a while helps in creating understanding.


  1. Think long-term – even though you may be living separate for many months or years the most important thing is to have faith in winding up together in the same place. Blair elucidated, “One of the biggest predictors of a successful long-distance relationship is the level of certainty individuals felt about their relationships future”. If you believe that you’ll end up together the chances of your lasting will escalate.
  2. Attitude adjustment –the most prolific relationships are those where both partners believe that things can work out. The chances of winding up together seem low if you are a pessimist and let the weight of differences and problems crush you. Fix your attitude, have positive attitude and embrace your eccentric partnership.


Yes, you can work things out.