Discovering Cape Verde – People, Culture, Cuisine, Language

Cape Verde is not one of those countries that stare boldly on the map of the world. It is secluded in the mid-Atlantic, a nation that consists of what we know as the Canary Islands, mysterious and beautiful with a touch of volcanic fury. Cape Verde is in Africa, somewhere around Senegal with nearly sun all year round.

If you want to get a dose of warmth in enchanting islands that bring memories of paradise on earth, these Canary Islands will not disappoint you.  The weather is lovely and warm to receive visitors with plenty of places to unwind and rejuvenate.

The chain of a stunning island has seaside villages, mountains, and beaches to explore.  The cultural hub of the country is São Vicente, where pulses of clubs and bars are heavily concentrated, while Santo Antão, has vast areas of sugar canes and flowers, perfect for hikes.


The official language of the people is Portuguese, used in radio, television, and newspapers. The mother tongue is Cape Verdean Creole, that has gained prestige since the independence of the country from Portugal.


Catholicism is widely practiced by the people while protestant denomination makes up a smaller portion of the people leaving a tiny percentage for the Muslim community and atheists.


The Cape Verdean cuisine is mostly based on staple foods like rice and corn, and fish. Vegetables like kale, cabbage, manioc, tomatoes, onions, dried beans, and potatoes are available during some of the months.

Fruits such as papayas and bananas are always available while avocados and mangoes are seasonal. Cachupa is the country’s popular dish, a dish that consists of beans, hominy ( a corn stew), meat or fish.

Culture & Music

The Cape Verdean people have a rich culture and unique music that incorporates Brazilian, Portuguese and African influences.  Lyrical and melancholy music called the morna is the national music of the country. There are also other music genres like the batuque, coladeira and funaná music.

Night Life

Cape Verde accommodates night owls who cannot do without a vibrant and loud music scenario, offering outdoor enthusiasts water sports, picturesque and perfect terrain for strolling and hiking.

To please holiday goers, the sandy beaches are blissful and calm.  You have a lot of places to explore on the islands.


One of the favorite destinations of tourists is Fogo, where the volcano Pico de Fogo is found. It can take up to six hours to climb to the peak. Sao Filipe is the largest and most populated city on the island, and also where the airport is located.  The country is a nesting sanctuary for the loggerhead turtles, Caretta Caretta.  Tourists come to Sal Island, a protected nesting beach to watch these turtles.  Taking pictures with bright lights or flash is forbidden on this island.

Ponta Preta is a magical destination with its blend of white dunes and the darkened volcanic rocks meeting the sea, which creates beautiful waves.  Windsurf, surf, and other water activities are available in Ponta Preta. There is a bay that is filled with crystal clear waters and corals in Murdeira, an ideal spot for snorkeling.

Cape Verde is one country in Africa that is more westernized, providing modern traveling amenities for travelers. The bustling markets, loud music and amazing lifestyle of Africans will still remind you that you are still in Africa.