Discover Top 5 Amazing Wonderlands in Africa

Africa is one of the  most unique continents in the world. Some people see Africa as a dark continent,associating it with poverty and terrible living conditions, but something is striking about Africa. Its amazing wildlife and colourful cultures and exotic culture is something that makes Africa a pride of all.

There is a lot to say about this amazing continent, and we are sharing some magical wonderlands in Africa:


Sao Tome & Principe

Speaking about Sao Tome and principe,this place is an island in Western Africa. The island is very famous and tourists usually visit the island to watch whales and enjoy the sight of turtles.  This Island is famous for its lovely and  inviting environment. The locals  are very friendly.

You can also find a nice beach for your relaxation,or  enjoy fishing and a whole lot of fun for all ages awaits you. July and August are actually the best times to watch the whales.


Madagscar is the fourth biggest island in the world  and was a former French colony.It has a vast collection of animals,especially the lemur. Madagscar as an island has agreed that lemurs are always kings.

They believe that the souls of the ones who excaped the society and went to the forest migrate to lemurs.

Another magical site in Madagscar is the Baobab forests and especially the  amorous baobabs. You find trees hugging each other as though they are in love and amazingly those  “love bird trees“ will remain that way for ages.

Madagscar is the main supplier of Vanilla in the world.



For many years,Mauritius  has become of the most  intriguing and popular tourist centre for the Europeans and it has been that way since its colonization.Mauritius has nice beaches and can be actually be  described as paradise on earth.

The beach of Mauritius is a perfect place to learn scuba diving,you could also see local corals making your trip an amazing life experience.

It is a place of fun and relaxation for  all ages as there are underwater scooters and boats available for those who are scared of diving.Mauritius is  simply magical that Mark Twain after his trip described it as “ model of heaven“



Egypt is one tourist attraction in Africa  that will blow your mind.  It is very popular with tourist sites like the Red sea.It has a rich underwater  world and has attracted divers from all around.

Egypt boasts of ancient pyraids and monuments . One of the famous pyramids is the Great Pyramids of Giza which is popularly known as the Pyramid of Cheops which happens to be the oldest and the largest of the three pyramids in Giza.



Morocco is an amazing country situated in North Africa.It  got a  unique  architecture and great sites to explore. Tourists also get a chance to taste the delicious oranges ,tangerines and also explore the local markets where you could get a lot of goods at a cheap rate. You could also experience the amazing colours of the country.The landscape of Morocco is really inspiring  and world famous artist like Bertolucci,Hitchcock and Yvs Saint Laurent can attest to this.

In a nutshell ,Morocco is a place to be.