Dangerous Bus-Stops You Can Avoid In Lagos

Welcome to Lagos, a place that doesn’t run short of dramas. There is so much to do in Lagos that every bus stop in the city is often another meeting point for tourist. However, there are bus stops that you may need to stay away from in the city. It is not that these bus stops are not safe, actually, they are but there are certain times you should be careful of going around them.

Berger bus stop
The high rate of criminal activities that goes on around these bus-stops is very alarming which made it make a name for its self . The bus-stop is well known for its criminal activities. The bridge of Ojodu / Berger Bridge at Kara to be précised has really turned out to be an operating zone for hoodlums around the neighbourhood. One needs to be very careful  when passing this point because when this hoodlums shows up your chances of getting away is zero.

Estate bus stop


This  is a bus stop located along the Oworonsoki / Ibadan Expressway. Countless number of People, cars etc have been have been reportedly robbed at this point. One of the most fascinating thing about the crime case of this bus stop, is that most of the theft is been carried out during daytime.

First Gate junction, Agidingbi
The bus stop is found on your way moving from Berger towards Agidingbi, though it hasn’t been an authorized bus stop, hoodlums takes the day in that very part. This bus stop is literally feared during night hours. When the darkness finally sets in, the rate of crime activities here escalate rapidly and innocent people who fall victim isn’t spared you’re sure to pay dearly falling into their traps. It’s really in your best interest to avoid this bus stop in the night.

Boundary bus stop , Ajegunle
Ajegunle isn’t known as a good place in Nigeria. People who also lives here displays nonchalant attitudes towards this zone. The Boundary bus stop trust be isn’t a place you will wish your enemy to have problem or fall victim to those hoodlums. This is like the home of every criminal activities going on in the city . This is place you really don’t want to find yourself most especially at an ungodly. Bringing valuables to this area is not advisable because you won’t go home with it. One could say this is the most dangerous zone here in this city.

Ijora Bus Stop
Sure you have heard about ‘One Chance’ or maybe probably heard it in movies and you think is a children story, sorry to break it to you, the fact is that story is actually a real story . Girls are been raped, people are kidnapped and sometimes, disappear for life. You should obviously learn to stay away from this bus stop if you think you love your life.