Cultures that will Shock you when you visit West Africa

West Africa got loads of shocking culture that you may experience if you come at the right time. interestingly, these shocking cultures may  occur anytime, anyway and at places you least expect. You may visit  West Africa and be ignorant of some of these cultures. However, we have highlighted some of the cultures for you to be aware of when you come to this part of the world.

Shared Taxis

From Nigeria to Togo, you may end up losing your privacy if you decide to forfeit hired cabs and join public general taxi. The public taxis come in different colours according to country and state.  This common means of transportation will expose you to different sets of people and gossip, you may have to scream because they are untrue and you know it. Quarrel is common and fight is never ruled out.

You are Respected if you are influential or Rich


There is no need to obey the long queues in the banks or bus stops if you are rich or influential.  Your status makes way for you as your pocket makes company staffs smile.  If you are a foreigner, you are given a level of respect and preferential treatment. Enjoy the moment and be care of getting robbed in some places that are not guarded properly.

Greetings are customary

Forget about the social media emojis and little time to talk to the next person sitting opposite you if you are in West Africa. Greetings are important and respected. You may lose out of favours because you never greeted and considered rude.  Before you think of asking for favour or help, ensure that you have greeted.

The art of bargaining

You may be shocked to your bone marrow if you ever price any goods in the market. God save your soul if you are not black, the price will surely double or even triple. Don’t worry because you can easily bargain and slash the initial price down.  However, the bargaining process is something that would make you smile at the end of the day.

The noisy phone calls

You may think that something is wrong when you listen to a phone conversation to some people who lacks communication etiquette. The way they shout while communicating with others even when there is no need to shout can be alarming.