Cultural Values You Need to Know Before Coming to Africa

Thinking of an exotic destination to spend your vacation, Africa always pop up and for those who are on tight budget, they end up spending a lavish vacation in this part of the world. With her many exotic destinations, sumptuous cuisines, mind-blowing activities and breathtaking sights, Africa has many cultural values that are respected.

We will want you to get yourself acquainted with some of cultural values you will come across. The following are some of the things you should know before that trip:


Africa is not one of those places where greeting is not regarded. Greeting can be hello or a handshake. People are quick to support or identify with you when you greet them.

The Elders

The elderly ones are respected in Africa. You should learn how to be courteous to these men and women.  The elderly ones have power to make decisions and stop the younger ones from acting rash.

Pointing At Things

There are places where pointing at someone or something with the index finger is offensive or rude. You should learn what is good in one part of the continent because different places have their own cultural values.

The Sole of the Foot

The sole of the food is considered dirty and should not be used to pointing directly towards people.

The Right Hand

The right hand is considered the norm of the day especially when it comes to collecting things or eating food. Stay away from your left hand when you are in Africa.

Kissing and Hissing Sounds

Do not make a loud smack with your lips, hiss or kiss sound when calling for an attention. It is considered wrong and can land you in trouble if you are not careful.

The Silence

Silence can be a powerful tool in Africa. When there is nothing to said, you may remain silent. You shouldn’t feel uneasy when there is a prolong silence during an interaction with others.


Africans don’t take time very serious expect when there is something very important. Do not expect to see everyone seated before an event. Africans take their time in attending to functions.


Africa is for happy people. Don’t expect them to be so angry or frustrated when things don’t go according to plan. You should learn to be flexible when you are traveling in this continent.

Relationships Matter

Building a lasting relationship is something that is considered highly in Africa. You will understand with time that people gradually warm up to you and build a healthy relationship.

Little Talk During a Meal

Do not make a lot of talking during meals. Small talks are allowed but meal time is an important time to be quiet.