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Countries Where You Can Get The Best Beers in Africa

You love drinking! Does it mean that you are satisfied when a cold beer is served in the tropics where the sun is merciless on the skin? Beers are brewed around the world with complex machines and also locally. If you are in Nigeria, you may be surprised to watch men talk politics over a jar of palm wine.  In Africa, there are self named ‘African Gossip Centers,’ where men talk about virtually everything that they can ever remember.

In this article, we have five great countries that offer tourists some of the finest beers money can buy:

Castle Lager- South Africa’s beer

Don’t get yourself drunk when you are in South Africa. The Castle Lager beer will keep you refreshed and asking for more.  The secret is don’t drink yourself to stupor. South Africa is one country in Africa where beers are served cold.  There is hardly a pub or club that doesn’t sell Castle Lager.

Hakim Stout- Ethiopian Beer

When you come to Ethiopia, there are varieties of beers you can choose from. However, the Hakin Stout that is brewed by Harar Brewery is  argued to be the most popular beer in the country.  Beers like Meta Lager and Bedele Beer are the contenders of Hakim Stout.  Tourism without beer is not complete in Ethiopia.


Tusker Lager- Kenyan Beer

Tusker Lager beer can be your companion as you watch wildlife in some of the finest reserve areas in the world. Kenya proudly boasts of stunning wildlife activities. Thanks to its beers that have become what tourists consume when they are visiting some of the tourist attractions.



The billboards carry Star Lager beer when you come to Nigeria. The product is from Guinness Breweries which is brewed to give consumers the satisfaction that they desire.  Nigeria has other beer products that compete  favourable with Star Lager.

Casablanca, Moroccan Beer

You may be shocked to hear us talk about Morocco, a Muslim dominated country in North Africa. There are varieties of beers to choose from, but Casablanca is one of the favourites of tourists.

You don’t visit Africa without enjoying some of the finest beers that are affordable. The list of countries with some of the world’s best beers can be endless. You can add to the list and tell us what you feel about the beers you may have tasted while you were in Africa.