Corporate Fashion Styles For our Slay Queens

Do you think it is possible to slay with our attires without getting into trouble or breaking any office rule? Yes, it is possible and we will show you exactly how this can be possible with some of our attires. Pick a seat and as we take you through the journey of dressing as a slay queen in an office.

For the standard old school dressing, you can find this attire; a tailored jacket, a tailored skirt or pant suit, and stripe collared shirt. Presently,  we can see that corporate fashion has evolved over the years. Those simple ensembles are no more. Now, multiple layered pieces, jumpsuits, bell sleeves and other wonderful pieces are the order of the day.

How do you look gorgeous as a slay queen in a corporate world?

Professionalism is well spoken of in structured clothes. But, most people have this ideology that it’s only meant for crisp white shirt, plain black pants and pumps. However, we at Momoafrica won’t fail to reveal the real truth and put an end to these hilarious comments as we derive pleasure in doing so.

When the corporate fashion idea appears limitless, it can seem a bit enveloped. Why?  Someone may ask. Well,  this is as a result of the various types of corporate environments.

In environmental conditions which have set out rules that must be obeyed,  the proverbial tailored suit combo is the perfect attire but nowadays, creative fashion has been given free chance as some businesses take a more casual approach.

Always bear in mind the importance of corporate fashion.   You can be that slay queen with some of the finest corporate attires. Gone are the days when we only saw the men rule the world of fashion especially the office ones. Today, we have joined them in looking better. For us, there is something that has given us the edge, looking good as slay queens.