Colourful Attires You Must Wear For a Job Interview in Africa

Congratulations! You have been called for a job interview after weeks of waiting patiently. Job interviews in Africa can be fun and daunting. The process of selecting clothes for an interview can be challenging especially if it is your first time.  You must have been told that your appearance matters and first impression is all you need. Even though Africa is a temperate region, you must plan your interview outfit carefully. Your outfit is not the only thing that will impress your future employer but the colour you select.

These are some of the colours that may determine your job success;


You must have seen most job applicants wear shades of blue for interview.  Blue has become one of the perfect colours for job interviews. The colour send a clear message that an applicant is trustworthy and credible.  If you go on navy blue, it inspires confidence and you may likely get your dream job because of it.


People take black serious because it conveys leadership and can be worn for a management position interview. There is no telling how good you will look with a black suit during an interview. Of course, we have seen millions of job applicants attend interviews on shades of black. Africa is no exempted in the use of black for job interviews.


Do you like grey colour? Grey signifies that you are an analytical person, logical ,isolate, independent and self-sufficient. You can see why colour can play a huge role in your job selection.


Job applicants putting on brown talks about been reliable, comfortable and warm but, it can signify old fashion and simpleton. Imagine what your employer may think of you when they read meaning in this colour if you wore it. We recommend that you stay away from brown if you are going for an interview.


It is rare to see someone put on a white suit for an interview.  White tells us about how organized a person is and also how neat the person can be.  It is not recommended that you go on all white. You can combine your white with other colours to look unique.


Red is not the colour to use for an interview. It tells different stories not in a good way. It talks about rebellious and domineering spirit and can be assertive too. Africa believes in superstitious and red is one of the colours that people run away from. Imagine what may happen if your employer is not comfortable around red.

We believe that these few colours can help you decide what to choose while going for that dream job in Africa.