Clad Of The Lionesses: Ankara Diaries.

three ankara styles

There are many things that characterize the splendor of Africa. Breath-taking beauty, unbelievable scenery, ancient heritage, addictive culture, and staggering diversity. However, amongst the many things that make us who we are and lift our continent onto the precipice of recognition, there still stand one more characteristic that cannot be ignored: Our Fashion. African fashion is one of the most bewildering sights to grace the corners of our planet. The bright, luscious, effusive character of African fashion is one such brand that cannot be ignored when it comes to beauty.

African flag ankara

In this edition of African fashion, we’ll be delving into fashion for the African Lionesses: The Women of Africa. There are a great many forms of African fashion spanning many countries in Africa, each with their own symbolism. In this read, however, we’ll be looking at one African clothing spectacle that has succeeded in cutting across virtually every country and mindset on our dear continent (and indeed the world): The Ankara.

flowing ankara


Dare I say, there isn’t an African on this continent whose eyes haven’t graced the beauty of the Ankara. The Ankara is one of the most beautiful, versatile and expansive types of African clothing available on this continent (and indeed planet earth!!).

Ankara style

Traditionally worn in parts of West Africa such as Nigeria, Ghana, Togo, etc , the Ankara is a colorful wax print made primarily of cotton cloth infused with batik-designed print.

ankara dungaree

The Ankara print is a print of many names. Dutch wax print, real English wax, Veritable Java Print, Guaranteed Dutch Java, Veritable Dutch Hollandaise, African wrappers, Aso Ebi, and so on are just some of the names of which Ankara is known.

full size ankara


African women have come to embrace the beauty of the Ankara is ways the human mind cannot even comprehend. The Ankara fabric is so versatile that it can be made into a variety of styles for women irrespective of body shape or skin complexion. Emerging from the traditional loose blouse and wrapper, to body fitted or hug style, the Ankara wax cuts across every fashion realm.

Ankara’s can be crafted for literally any occasion, as long as the African woman can conceive it. African women have incorporated Ankara fashion into formal suits, Office wear, and even Bridal gowns, with the Ankara design even making its way into English style wedding gowns!

The most trendy Ankara Fashion making waves in the 2019 African fashion scene are the Ankara swim suits, Jump suits, Peplum tops and even workout wear. The possibilities for African women are endless when it comes to crafting an Ankara inspired style of clothing!

corporate ankara


To complement the expansive array of Ankara clothing available in the market, African designers have also incorporated Ankara inspired accessories into the mix. Ankara hats, jewelry, blazers, handbags, purses, wristwatches, shoes, belts, scarves and many more have been (and can be) specially designed to complement the Ankara outfit of the African woman in any capacity. This ensures that you’re always looking your best no matter the occasion whilst consistently slaying in the African manner!


three ankara styles


No matter the occasion, the Ankara design is a must have for African women. Splendid, soft, vibrant and eclectic, the Ankara inspired print represents characterizes the entirety of African woman hood. So, go forth my African lionesses and slay the world with your prints of valour!!