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Cities You Must Avoid in Nigeria During Rush Hours

Welcome to Nigeria, hopefully you should be aware of how scary the road turns out to be during rush hour;  the cars are uncountable,  impatient or do we say crazy drivers are never willing to slow down, passengers turn out to be experts in directing drivers on how to escape the traffic. Now you see angry late workers cursing and praying to escape these hours. Sometimes, we are scared  and pray in order to escape this time. This prayer becomes intense when we have interviews or appointments to keep.
It’s no secret that rush hour has turn out become an abnormal things. No one seems to be in rush when the roads get blocked because it would no longer be possible for cars to move in the bumper to bumper scenario.  Trust me here are some cities you don’t want wish to be cut in a rush hour, they are really worse in these cities.

The rush hour in Lagos is best witnessed not explained . It can go on for hours and sometimes, this makes passengers abandon buses and cars to carry on the rest of the movement by walking . Lagos has the honour of having the country’s worst traffic.  On average a day, drivers may spend more half of the time struck in traffic. During the peak hours; morning and evening times, the traffic grid gets worse and most times, terrifying to commuters.
Port Harcourt

Here is another city you shouldn’t be around during rush hours.  There are no BRT buses that may help you escape rush hours in Port Harcourt. We would say it  happens to be an all day affair because there is definitely no time that you are not caught with angry and impatient drivers trying to escape from been struck on the road.

Really , it is not something to experience in the morning and evening especially if you are not familiar with some few escape routes in the city.

Most of the roads in Aba seem to undergo construction or they are in bad condition. How on earth do you think you can cope with the traffic?  However,  it’s really a thing of joy for people living in the city but  that don’t stop the fact that in the city everybody does everything at the same time, which causes traffic in the city.

There was once a time Onitsha was greatly dared by commuters. It’s really not as if the rush hours gone away entirely from the city.  People still spends hours without moving from the head bridge to the city when the traffic and this get worse during the morning or evening period.

If it wasn’t for the numerous escape routes in Enugu, the rush hours would have been more intense but some days you wish you didn’t wake up for to see such traffic jam.  It may not be as terrible as Onitsha during rush hours but it can still get the impatient passengers and drivers screaming.
These are not the only cities where you may want to avoid during the rush hours like Owerri, Ibadan and many others.