Checkout the African Jobs That Are Counting In Millions During Coronavirus Pandemic

The world has suffered untold hardship during the coronavirus pandemic with humans left to struggle to survive.


While many companies are going under due to financial challenges and lack of human resources, there are thousands of Africans who are smiling because of the success that the pandemic has brought to them.  Some of the biggest winners are those that rely mostly online and less on the brick and mortal destinations.


Supermarket chains or malls with robust online presence, healthcare providers, freelancers, agricultural firms, telecommunication firms, pharmaceutical companies focused on eradicating diseases and companies that handle online projects for people working from their homes such as Zoom are some of the winners.

With the closure of schools around the world, students and pupils have enough time to themselves.  Families are finally together and there games, discussions and catching up to do for those who have spent more time outside than inside. Gamers and developers are having a field day making money for themselves. Most of the jobs we do from the point of comfort especially the ones with mobile offices and home houses are reaping massively from this outbreak. Unfortunately, it is not everyone practicing Sit At Home that is enjoying their break. While many are not directly hit by the pandemic, a larger proportion is suffering in silence.

If this plague continues for a long period, there will be an increase in demand of these flexible careers in future.  Tech firms are hiring more these days to meet the demand of the world.  This plague has made us realized that it is not every work that should be in an office. The digitalization of careers will see a massive boast despite many sectors laying off their workers due to financial constraints.

Africa will suffer from the plummeted global markets aftermath but that doesn’t mean that some sectors wouldn’t see profits. Take for instance Netflix, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon and Google have enough money to take them through the next phase of the world’s economy. For similar companies in Africa, their stories are not different.

A number of sectors that deal with concerts, sporting, airlines, hotel, travel, events and restaurant have started sharing their sad financial stories.  People are scared of coming out or having fun in the public because of the virus. For people in these sectors here in Africa, it may take a long time for them to recover from their massive losses.

With the cessation of some of our companies, the downsizing of employees wouldn’t be strange. For those in the food industry, they just found many ways of making more money. The end of coronavirus will signal a global career revolution around the most essential stuffs on earth. Many students will comfortably take up courses in areas that will see them stand strong during periods like this in future. Finally, we want you to stay safe, Eat well! Talk to people you have not bonded well with due to your job and see you better than we met you.