Check out these stunning Isi –Agu Styles For Women

There was an era, Isi-agu was believed to be the men’s attire. Today, we are seeing women dressed stylishly with this fabric called the lion head. You cannot believe how different and sweet you are going to look.  There are numerous patterns of this fabric that you can make use of in matching with your partner or friends.

We have seen some ladies who have gone the extra length in mimicking the way the men dress with Isi-agu. You can make a fashion statement with Isi-agu if you are ready to make a bold statement in any event or function.

We want you to get inspired with these styles that we have posted for you to see. You can make something better or wear the fabric in a way that no one has ever done before. It is possible that you can make your Isi-agu fabric look different from how others are wearing their own.

For the ladies who are searching for the fabric to make a show for their traditional weddings or Aso ebi train, the Isi-Agu is definitely going to make your day. We hope that these attires will go a long way in giving you an idea of what to do with an Isi-agu fabric.